Country Singer Ty Herndon Comes Out

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  1. Really I liked it better when this type of shit was kept in the closet who
    give a dam which homo is sleeping with whom it’s all a sick bunch of mess
    I’m afraid to let my grand kid around a television set out of fear he might
    see 2 men kissing I know the media is trying to force this homo shit on the
    general public but really I don’t want to see this gay shit out in the open
    its not normal and I said it once before and I’ll say it once more we
    should take all the homosexual and ( Mexicans ) and put them on a plane and
    find an island out in the Pacific Ocean and drop them off there then they
    can do all the gay shit they want while the Mexican can make them some

  2. Cool. I dislike country music,but I don’t hold anything against those who
    do like it. I’d rather he provide music that people who like country find
    to “lift their spirits” (so to speak).

    So more power to him.

  3. I’m so happy you talked about this, Kyle. I don’t see TYT mentioning this
    which is sad because I think this is big news. But you didn’t disappoint.

  4. I love country music, and I’m super happy that he could come out with such
    a positive response. Having come from a really conservative area I can see
    the impact people like this have. the media might not care, but stories
    like this positively affect me and everybody else in the LGBT community

  5. To the dip shits: The scientific evidence is in. Homosexuality is
    triggered by stress (in experiments, resulting from overcrowding – sound
    familiar?) which triggers hormonal changes during pregnancy resulting in
    the development of a homosexual child. If we can’t, or won’t control our
    population, Mother Nature is going to do it for us. Don’t like homos?
    Don’t have children. Dip shits.

  6. I can spot a gay or lesbian from miles away.
    Its like a 6th sense.
    The same way a sociopath can spot a victim.
    Which im also good at spotting too.
    Im convinced its some kind of empathic ability because its scary just how
    accurate it can be to the point my friends and family members ask my “how
    the hell can you tell?”
    I had to ask a gay dude if its a gay thing.
    But it turns out that even gay people can’t always tell if someones gay.
    I have like a 90% successful hit rate when spotting a gay person or a
    You can never be sure with a sociopath because people are very willing to
    label someone a sociopath they don’t like and i don’t trust myself to be
    that unbiased.
    But im 99% sure Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell sociopaths.
    Dumb george bushes dad and Kerry.

  7. woow, guess thats the end of his country career, since most country music
    fans, aslo are extremly homophobic. But good for him, people should be true
    to themselfs, no matter if there are insanly stupid ignorant “people” who
    dosent like it, fuck them. Way to go Ty

  8. I think the surprising flood of positive comments is due to a fact that
    many people forget regarding country music, which is that the genre has two
    major audience demographics: fundamentalist Christians from the South, and
    teenage girls. The latter of these groups is growing, and that is where
    such positivity is coming from.

  9. Great, but it doesn’t affect me, I don’t care if a whole football team is
    gay, as long as they win when I bet on them, or as long as any team wins
    when I bet on them.

  10. It’s no big deal. So what if he’s a sausage smoker. There are other, more
    important topics to cover, other than this man being gay!

  11. I hope all goes well for him. The country western world has not been
    friendly toward the LGBT community. Seeing that most c&w fans seem
    conservative far right. They disowned Chely Wright & they once labeled her
    the princess of country music. Her self made documentary “Wish me away” is
    an excellent insight to the country music world & their response to
    homosexuality, even towards a beautiful woman they once adored.

  12. Nice to see that a man can be happy and resolve it´s personals addictions
    after accepting how he is and finding someone to love

  13. I wish I believed that a lack of bad reaction had to do with changes of
    heart, but I think it’s a number of things that create the illusion of a
    positive response as a whole. I’m not on Facebook any more, but I was for
    about 6 years, and there were people who I know who would stop watching
    their local news because their weatherman came out as gay. I watched over
    the last couple of years the pushback happen, gay and straight people
    saying “NOW VICKI that’s not very cool”, and Vicki never learned any love
    for any gay person, but now she shuts her fucking mouth and complains to
    the people instead that she knows are going to share that “value.”
    In place of sharing stories about what channels she’s not watching or
    stores she’s not shopping at because of LBGT affiliation, she’s back to
    posting “all black people are thugs” bullshit, because that still largely
    slides in some areas.
    So it’s good that we don’t have all that hate swarming around this story
    but I feel like it has a lot less to do with suburban family values mothers
    having changes of heart, but changes of mind when it comes to where they’re
    posting their hate. 

  14. I’ve always been eclectic in music taste. I love Ty and I am so glad he
    finally is coming out!! 🙂 I support him FULLY

  15. see, the Liberal gay agenda propaganda is working…. after they released
    Brokeback Mountain it’s only gotten worse… (sarcasm)

  16. Catholic priests are gonna come out as gay pedos??? lol hmm not yet..
    theres a lie we can still hold on to… No clue who these country stars are
    but good for them, maybe reach a new group of homophobics that in this way
    may understand? 

  17. it was only a matter of time before acceptance of gays became mainstream.
    we’ve hit that point and it’s only going to get better from here. this is
    why coming out matters. i hear some say “keep it to yourself, i don’t wanna
    know who you sleep with”, but, it’s not about letting people know who you
    sleep with. this is about letting people know that you’re gay, you’re not a
    monster, you’re just another average person but you only feel romantically
    attracted toward the same sex.

  18. i don’t like country, and i don’t lose sleep over gay rights, is there any
    reason i should watch this? yours truly, a lib.

  19. If only atheists got this much respect…

    I hate how it’s actually more taboo and shunned upon to come out as an
    atheist to the public than to come out of the homo closet.

    Homo country singer comes out of gay closet… 70% of people rejoice and

    Celebrity nonchalantly admits that he is an atheist… 95% of people attack
    and condemn him
    Yo equal rights movement!
    you may want to check in on this historically oppressed group called
    atheists. you know the people that currently have 0/535 congress member
    representing them. The type of people that got incarcerated for disagreeing
    with the church. On matters such as the earth being flat or the center of
    the universe, you know those crazy sociopaths and ignorant godless people
    such as Albert Einstein or john Lennon. 

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