Corey Lewandowski STILL Wants to See Obama’s College Transcripts

In this Majority Report clip, we watch a clip of Corey Lewandowski appearing on CNN as part of his new job as paid CNN correspondent who is also pretty much a paid Trump surrogate. He brings up the incredibly topical issue of Obama’s college transcripts.

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  1. Wouldn't he have to pay full tuition with no option for any financial assistance if he was a foreign student? Affirmative action doesn't extend to foreigners in the sense that you have to be US Citizen!

  2. CNN… why? I really want to know the thought process behind hiring this guy.

    The whole point of journalism, ostensibly, is to inform the public. Corey Lewendowski is a loudmouth conspiracy theorist and pathological liar. He is the opposite of journalism. People become less informed whenever he opens his mouth.

    I know that CNN isn't exactly known for its good journalism, but one would expect them to have some standards.

  3. I feel like someone like trump was bound to happen. I mean honestly go to any video comment section about obama pre trump candicacy. That was an untapped electorate that was only really acknowledged by the tea party.

  4. I am not saying Lewandowski and Bashar Al Asad are the same person, but they never have been seen in the same room together…

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