Comics, Cops, Pot, 2016 – Lewis Black, W Kamau Bell & MORE! LiberalViewer Sunday Clip Round-Up 88

1:41 Comics Lewis Black, W Kamau Bell, Laura Krafft discuss political comedy 10:29 ABC fawning corporate interview of soccer star Tim Howard 13:58 Funerals for NYPD officers killed allegedly…


  1. Unsurprisingly, Metaxas is an unabashed Christian apologist and his
    assertions that “Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God” are
    unadulterated bullshit, or at least nothing more than his opinion.
    Basically, it’s just a re-hash of the “fine tuning” argument with some
    astronomical incredulity on the part of Metaxas thrown in for fallacious
    good measure. Oh, and backing up his tendentious assertions about the
    notion of a Creator gaining more credibility according to science, the
    article quotes, of all people, Oxford professor Dr. John Lennox, who is a
    mathematician and philosopher in addition to being a vehement Christian
    apologist, but alas, not a physicist.

    p.s. The book is published by the Dutton imprint of Penguin, so not a News
    Corp. property. (So much for that little theory…)

  2. A few considerations on the religious cosmology arguments alluded to:

    The multiverse is still speculation at this point. It hasn’t yielded any
    testable hypotheses. We also don’t yet have proof that any exoplanets
    actually have conditions suitable for life (temperature, chemical
    composition, protection from radiation, etc), though we’re just a few space
    telescopes away from being possibly getting that proof.

    Even though doing so is rhetorically unpalatable, it’s best not to go
    beyond the position that something hapening that is extremely unlikely
    doesn’t prove that there’s a god [full stop].

    Regarding any further explanation, we are not in a much different position
    than the Presocratic philosophers speculating about what held up the earth.
    We’re in no position to rule in or out any of the literally infinite number
    of conceivable explanations for the cosmological constant for instance.

    This situation does nothing to help people who hold any specific set of
    religious beliefs.

    The atheist position is not that there is proof against every logically
    possible (ie, non-contradictory) conception of God. (Interestingly, the
    Evangelical Christian conception contains a contradiction due to the
    problem of evil.) The position is rather that there is no proof of the
    existence of any god, therefore we have no better reason to believe in a
    god than in any other of the infinite number of logically possible beliefs
    for which there is no evidence. Religious cosmology arguments have yet to
    address the issue. 

  3. I have no problem in the belief of an ultimate reality…the problem is
    with the gods of christianity or islam or other religions..
    it is a bronze or iron age concept, why it lingers up to now is beyond
    me..humanity have discarded god after gods as the intelligence of man
    progressed-like Zeus , apolo, osiris and co. all these christian islam
    superstitions will be refuted in the future and the discord and intolerance
    these religions have spread thru time would cease…

  4. Bob Schieffer is one of the worst suck-ups to all the dicks from the NSA,
    CIA, and MIC generally. Dude doesn’t have a clue, or the balls, to ask a
    serious relevant question that might cause ’em to squirm a little and start
    lookin’ for the exit. Shoulda done been put to pasture in the 20th century.

  5. LV, I’m guessing you don’t have experience with weed from decades past,
    when the most commercially available stuff was all from Mexico. I agree
    with the guy that said present-day weed is far stronger than 30>40 years
    ago. Your argument that (paraphrased) “stronger weed just means you need
    less of it” is true to a limited extent. What you ignore is that weed today
    can illicit a reaction and experience from some that is far more intense,
    to the point of being uncomfortable, and difficult to cope with. You do NOT
    want to be trying to drive when you start “coming-on” to a couple o big
    hits you just took of some current state-of-the-art shit. Otherwise, thanks
    for your efforts, as usual. 

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