Comey is a disgruntled former employee: Puzder

Fmr. CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder says the markets aren’t taking Comey’s testimony seriously.


  1. Comey's own words prove he was not an FBI Director. The fact that he let AG Lynch steer him into Clinton Camp talking points, calling an investigation, a matter, speaks volumes. He didn't run the Federal Bureau of Matters. That and the fact, the investigation was such a half-hearted, and pathetic attempt to get at the truth. Immunity was given away like candy, and no Grand Jury was impaneled. Hillary broke Major National Security Laws, and Comey simply let her walk, despite a mountain of evidence. Comey's leaks further prove he was nothing more than a Political Tool. Always seeking the spotlight, not being a Real Investigator / Law Enforcer. Trying to act as the guy who judges the situation, and makes the final call, rather than doing his actual job. Which is investigating crimes, and giving his findings to the DOJ for action. I'm glad President Trump fired him, he deserved it.

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