Cinco de Mayo at the White House

President Obama delivers remarks at the White House Cinco de Mayo Reception in the East Room. May 5, 2015.


  1. No captions?? What about section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, which
    mandates that there be comparable access for disabled members of the public
    to federally developed or procured electronic and information technology??
    There must be EITHER immediate closed captioning OR a transcript posted at
    the time the video is posted, as a temporary workaround until the video can
    be captioned. Delayed captioning and no transcript is NOT comparable access
    under section 508!

  2. attention good people of earth: You are bring spied on, tortured,
    manipulated, conditioned, and unconsciously controlled. Some are good at
    ignoring it, others are too sensitive to live in this new world that
    devalues soft hearts and different ideas. They will eventually completely
    control the sensitive ones who can sense the sinking ship or whatever
    analogy you want to use for the killing of all our lights and chis.

  3. 5/5/2015 there is no forwards and backwards, only NOW. And now is forever,
    including life, light, and love. Only you forever in my heart.

  4. No doubt, regardless of bad moments this is and will always be the best
    country in the world. VIVA USA

  5. they weight people’s souls on a rigged scale!!!!! Dont trust it. We will
    have horrible conditions, misery, torture, sickness, illness, famine and
    death. The ones who are happy go lucky and blind, will blame the unlucky
    ones for their slavery.or most likely most wont know. Just remember when
    were gone that we were even here. Good souls are filled with dirt and the
    scale is also rigged. Watch out.

  6. dream i had . i must have been a mouse … crazed muslim lets a bomb and i
    hide then a catholic nun force feeds me crackers smacking my face

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