China’s Burial Ban Leads Elderly To Take Drastic Action

“Six elderly people in China are said to have killed themselves to ensure they died before new regulations banning coffin burials come into force, a newspaper has reported. China has a tradition…


  1. im with the suspended animation. and if thats not a viable option id like
    to become a tree (have a tree planeted and have my ashes combined)

  2. Okay you say you don’t care about your body after death because you are an
    atheist but you are also environmentalists and followers of science well
    cremation pollutes and natural burial replenishes the soil or an even
    better option is turning your entire corpse over to medical harvesting and
    research which also moves science forward and recycles your body. So yeah
    you an environmentalist and pro-science person should care helluva lot what
    happens to your body after you die.

  3. I can’t express how much I don’t care about what happens to my dead body.

    Side note; John and Ana have definitely hooked up before and if they
    haven’t they should. 

  4. I really don’t care about traditions and aspects of “culture” that cause
    genuine problems. Too many things are excused under those labels.

    People need to accept that some traditions are pointless and have negative
    effects and they should not cling to them. If the government is just trying
    to control people for the sake of control, then sure, I take the side of
    the “traditionalists”, but if there are genuine practical reasons to ban a
    traditional custom then that is acceptable.

    We can sit here thousands of miles away and judge them for taking away some
    ancient tradition, but if we were faced with serious issues that such a
    tradition was making worse (like lack of space needed to house people or
    grow food for their growing population), then we might change our tune
    awful quick.

  5. I thought they would be all for it. That’s the thing about the left – they
    are not driven by principals but ‘the end usually justifies the means.’ If
    you ask someone on the right, they will usually tell you that the state has
    no right in this matter. But for someone on the left the “greater good”
    (environmental/ecological etc) is sufficient for the state to dictate. It
    is a dangerous philosophy.

  6. What’s wrong with cremation? I keep my dog’s ashes in an urn that I can
    visit everyday. I’d much rather have that then visit a fucking grave. I’m
    chinese and my grandparents are buried in China. I plan on visiting my
    grandma’s grave in the fall. It’s going to cost me a shit ton. Why can’t
    you just keep relatives ashes with you in a nice urn?

    One of my great grandparents is literally buried on a fucking mountain. One
    humid summer I had to fucking hike up the mountain in 110 degree weather
    and tropical humidity to reach his grave. Then we had to perform a ceremony
    where we made a fire and burned incense. It was a pain in the fucking ass
    and hot as shit. Thanks grandpa. 

  7. Fuck it. Funerals are stupidly expensive, and I don’t want some pricks to
    take advantage of my family and guilt trip them into spending more and more
    money. I’m also not pretentious enough to think some kind of stone monument
    should be made to me. It’s not sustainable, and it’s too expensive.

    I think I’ll set aside a portion of my cash to go towards my cremation and
    be turned into a little coral reef. An “eternal reef” is actually good for
    the environment, doesn’t take up valuable land, and since I’m setting up a
    living will to take care of the expenses, it won’t cost my family anything.

  8. Ugh, “reanimation”. Who the hell would want to come back to this
    hell-hole, especially in a decrepit or sickly body; as if this place wasn’t
    bad enough already. Cremate me, pulverize whatever bone is left behind and
    scatter my ashes over the ocean or to the 4 winds so that no part of me
    could ever be reconstituted and be part of this place ever again.

  9. I hope I’m not created, I want my body to be buried in some awesome forest
    where my body will decay and help feed the trees thus being a part of an
    awesome life cycle instead of just ashes.

  10. kudos to john Iadarola for his support of the “suspended animation”
    option….although real SA is not available yet, the next best thing is
    cryonics (cryogenics for humans) and vitrification to preserve the person
    until working reanimation is developed…presently this is legal only after
    death…..bottom line, it depends on personal commitment, support and
    funding research to make it happen….

  11. Why not dig up people who have been buried for several hundred years,
    cremate them, and then you would have fresh grave spaces. There could
    always be an option for someone to pay a fee if they don’t want that
    particular grave opened, but if someone has been dead for say, four hundred
    years, it’s doubtful anyone would know who the person is.

  12. A Viking funeral for me. Put me in a rowboat filled with wood and gasoline
    set it on fire and push it out into the water. Fire on water is clean and

  13. Imagine the US with 1.5 billion people, 5x as many as now, 5x less of
    everything for each person….

    I want a traditional Briton’s burial, body left in the woods for nature to
    take back whatever it wants then the bones collected and buried. We don’t
    have any wildlife left to do the job here now though and it is never our
    own nature that provides for our lives here in Britain these days.

  14. Burial in a coffin costs $10000s? Holy shit, America really squeezes
    capital out of every possible moment.

  15. I would prefer to be left in the middle of a forest and eaten by
    scavengers. I do understand those peoples point. I’ve been to places where
    access to the body is kept up long after those people are dead. Like they
    will let them rot for a year and bring out their bones for awhile then put
    them back. It’s important to them, rich and poor.

  16. Cremation is pointless. It’s best to just be buried without a coffin and
    let your body go back into nature.

  17. women are morally inferior to men. They need to be controlled and kept in
    the kitchen before they eat everyone

  18. Who cares? I don’t. I can’t even be bothered to type anything whatsoever in
    response to this video. Not a single thing springs to mind that would cause
    me to lose the precious moments of my life in contemplating Firstly, what
    to write, and secondly, being bothered to write it. It would seem so futile
    to put my vacuous thoughts on record and then have various equally vacuous
    replies. It is purely on this basis that I won’t bother. Actually life
    itself is pointless. Why am I here? Is this a cosmic joke?

  19. Honestly, I think the Tibetan tradition of Sky burial is the most
    logical… Once you are dead, and completely stiff, you are cut up on a
    mountain, where the vultures come to eat you… No cost (well often a monk
    is there)… no cleanup… and realistically if you are buried the result
    is much the same without crippling funeral costs. Ye its difficult for some
    people to accept, but that is just cultural.

  20. On a serious note, I would like to point out to you marxist obama
    supporters that this is what is coming to America. Glenn Beck has already
    proved that the UN want you to live in hobbit holes. And Alex Jones has
    revealed that the illuminati run the UN. wake up sheeple

  21. I don’t think I can fault China for getting rid of traditional coffin
    funeral’s, it’s a really extravagant ceremony that takes up a lot of
    resources, they can’t just keep taking land and polluting the soil from the
    chemicals that the coffin’s wood are treated with…of course I’m assuming
    that China funerals are those of the standard of the more better off

  22. Im still young so im banking on science finding a cure to death(sounds
    ridiculous i know) but if i get to older and i realize thats never going to
    happen then burning my body is the best option.

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