Chelsea Clinton Bashes Donald Trump – INSTANTLY Gets Shut Down

Chelsea Clinton Bashes Donald Trump – INSTANTLY Gets Shut Down
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Over the past few months, Chelsea Clinton has shown how sickeningly bitter she still is about her mother’s loss to Donald Trump in the

presidential election by repeatedly bashing the president on Twitter. This week, Chelsea learned the hard way that Twitter users are sick and

tired of seeing her attack President Trump. Politstick reported that Chelsea took to Twitter to mock Trump for accidentally citing Iraq

instead of Syria, calling this mistake “disturbing.”

“Disturbing that Trump remembers what he ate (chocolate cake) – but not where he sent missiles (Syria, not Iraq as he says until corrected),”

Chelsea wrote. Twitter users immediately jumped in to remind Chelsea about the many lies her mother Hillary has told. Even Dana Loesch got in

on the action. SHARE this story if you think Chelsea Clinton is a FOOL!


  1. At least Trump is not a liar or a criminal. He won the election honestly unlike Hillary who cheated every way she could. How is the Clinton Cartel doing these days. Any more murders we need to know about? Chelsea shows her ignorance well.

  2. Poor Chelsea parents. Liars criminals dad womanizer mother unstable not much hope for that poor child god have mercy !!!!

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