Catcall video goes viral

Fredericka hosts a discussion on the latest video to go viral.


  1. Dude nailed it at the end. It comes down to parenting. Stand up for
    yourself and don’t let yourself be a victim.

  2. Feminists are so fucking annoying. First of all why do they only focus on
    female equality? Shouldn’t they be for equality for all? Do these feminists
    ever fight for equality for gays? You should be a humanist/equalist.
    Feminism is just an excuse to hate on men. Just like Christians use their
    religion to hate Gays.

    Feminists seem to be selfish people, because a person who truly cares about
    equality wouldn’t just worry about their own kind. 

  3. Why did they have to invite a MAN to talk about this from a man’s point of

    This guy is pathetic.

    Dude, keep your mouth shut and mind your own bussiness.

    The idea that women leave their houses to be “”””complimented”””” (harassed
    is the right word) by random men on the street is insulting.

    It’s like men are gracing women with their approval and sexual interest.
    how dare women are not overwhelmed with gratitude!

    Street harassment is about men exerting dominance over women. It’s about
    men telling women how entitled they are to offer an unasked for opinion.

    Street harassment comes from almost every corner of this planet, and from
    every type of men.

    so stop make excuses and do something to stop this shit.

  4. Here’s a hard reality women. Play the hand your dealt. Good looking
    financially secure guys aren’t checking for you cause your hand is weak.
    Accept what the less fortunate offer. Cause deep down inside You may want
    better, but better doesn’t want you.

  5. She had just shot her own foot. Nobody is going to date or ask her out now;
    after this video.
    I hope she’s happy living the life of singledom.

    It does not matter to me what feminist label men as. I stopped dating,
    acknowledging or complimenting women now.
    I suggest all men to do the same and go their own way. Spoiled little
    rotten snowflakes like her are not worth your time and attention.

  6. The female panelist wins this one.
    I think she did well to stay on topic.
    If a woman says she doesn’t like it, stop doing it?

    And interesting that a man believes he knows what women want despite one
    making a clear argument that contradicts his thinking.

    A case of “she says no but means yes” thinking?

    I agree, it’s starts with parenting but does that mean that thinking men of
    the current population of perpetrators can’t think their way out of making
    women uncomfortable in our lifetime?
    It’s a cop out.

    When you live in the new rape capital of the world, this kind of seemingly
    innocent behaviour (and the male thinking that defend it) shows the kind of
    patriarchy that can get us into serious trouble.

  7. if women don’t want to get compliments, like the girl in the middle claims,
    why do they wear make-up, pretty clothes, shoes and also shame girls that
    are fat/ugly?

    it doesn’t matter if you’re not aware of it. the biological reason for
    women to dress up is to have better chances of attracting a high value male
    that can protect, provide and give tons of arousal and excitement in the

    men approaching women is the harsh reality of how our species reproduces.

  8. He has a point which I found got swept aside quickly. When he said
    that…if an attractive male catcalls, you are less likely to find it an
    annoyance or “harassment” then when an ugly guy does it. Plus i saw the
    video….I find it VERY FUNNY how the most men with nothing to offer are
    the ones most confident in cat calling. This guy is an asshole and some of
    his good points were swept aside by his idiotic rant. I also want to know
    whether or not those guys in that video were planted there or not. She
    didn’t deny it and.instead of being an adult she makes faces when she
    doesn’t agree with him. hmmmm….

  9. Nothing makes me more angry than the comments on this video.

    first off: Cat Calling DOES NOT equal genuine compliments. If a guy came up
    to me and said “hey, I just want to tell you you’re really pretty” I would
    thank them, regardless of what they looked like. But coming from someone
    who’s been catcalled before, that is NOT the same thing.
    Also, saying “don’t live in a populated city.” Excuse me? I think a person
    has the right to live wherever he or she wants, without worrying about
    being harassed on the streets. I have been catcalled and I live in a tiny
    little town. I’ve seen stories of women attacked for standing up for
    themselves after being catcalled.
    One more point: If being catcalled should be respected, should we also
    respect a guy and say thank you if he comes up and gropes us? because “you
    have such a nice ass” its okay because girls want to have boys touch their
    butts, right? Girls would like it if the guy was hot right? NO. I don’t
    care if a professional Calvin Klen model came up and groped me or catcalled
    me. I would not enjoy it. I don’t think anyone would.

  10. I don’t see the problem, catcalling is not illegal and if you find it
    annoying there are many ways of avoiding it, one of them is dressing

  11. This has nothing to do with male/female interaction. It’s just that you
    americans are uncultured and uncivilized.

  12. The female comedian is full of crap. All women look for compliments. They
    just look for them from the right guy. Not just any thirsty brother in the

  13. Also, I have a hunch that if men finally stop drooling over these
    particular women, some won’t know how to take being treated like a regular,
    rather than a pretty, person. And it wouldn’t surprise me if they then
    begin to call fellas who mind their own business as creeps – because they
    don’t treat them like anything special, which is what they actually like.
    Anyway, it’s best to lavish your affection and attention on ladies who like
    you and not on those who don’t. 

  14. Catcalling is not a compliment gentleman. I do not ever leave my house with
    the hope that men will notice me. I dress for myself. 

  15. Yes men get catcalled once in a while. But this happens to women every
    single day, multiple times at that. Men are just blaming women for a
    problem they created and I’m sick of it. No women are not looking for
    complements from complete strangers!! No man has any right to say how a
    woman thinks or should think, and no woman has the right to tell a man how
    they should think. But women do have the right to say hey, I don’t want to
    be sexually harassed every damn day when I’m just minding my own business
    because men think that it’s a “complement” just put yourself in someone
    else’s shoes and stop being so stubborn and realize that it’s a problem!

  16. The white boy is telling the truth.
    MISS COONETE IN THE MIDDLE must be a bitter feminist….glad I live far
    from NYC.

    I don’t open doors for miscellaneous women
    I don’t speak to them ( especially white) but generally for all races.
    You get NO chivalrous acts…period.
    Only reserved for One women

  17. Did he actually say that women should stand up for themselves and carry a
    gun??? lol .. not the brightest bulb, that’s for sure. 

  18. Simple. If women dress conservatively, just maybe, there would be less
    catcalling? I wouldn’t put food out and expect my dog not to eat it when my
    back is turn. The woman had a skin tight outfit on, wtf? You can’t change
    the environment around you, but you can change yourself to FIT the

  19. typical feminist angry black woman. Cant hold a conversation with someone
    without arguing. It doesn’t matter if it was staged? Really?

  20. I might get a lot of flag for saying this…. but i agree with the man in
    the video. I myself am a female, and i have to say that i do appreciate
    compliments from men walking down the street. I range from being confident
    to such low self esteem on some days and hearing that i look good is
    usually nice to hear. if i spent 5 minutes to 1 hour getting ready in the
    morning, its nice to be acknowledged for it. But if it gets to the point
    where men OR women start using overly sexual comments or getting physical..
    then that is too much. If a man came up to me and told me that he thought i
    was pretty, i’d thank him for the compliment and move along with my day.
    But if a man came up to me saying things like “damn baby i wanna blank your
    blank” then that’s disgusting and should stop.

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