Canada Giving Away 34 Billion To Oil, Fracking and Coal

The IMF Pegs Canada’s Fossil Fuel Subsidies at around 34 Billion dollars. It turns out Canada is a leader in such giveaways, watch us run it down. Total Petroleum subsidies are actually 20…


  1. If we raise taxes on oil companies, they will go to other countries to
    extract from the Alberta tar sands! Wait…

  2. It’s not surprising the subsidies are that high… places like Alberta are
    relying on expanding their oil portfolios to survive. That’s why you see so
    much propaganda about TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline being “helpful to
    the American economy and its citizens”— which is total bull. Their
    transporting oil through the US, using eminent domain (land worth millions)
    on citizens (even Native Americans) to tax free refineries. Where is the
    bulk of it going? Overseas, not for North America consumption. Not to
    mention petcoke being a byproduct and a cheap alternative to revitalize the
    coal industry in the US. The bulk of pipeline being built in Canada… the
    majority of workers will be from out of state or country (from Canada)…
    man, TransCanada is selling it HARD because they’d rather have pollution on
    US soil than their own, on top of having to deal with Canadian

  3. Subsidising companies that are already profitable, as if they need any
    additional incentives to exploit our resources… great going there eh!

  4. Fun Fact time: Total Petroleum subsidies are actually more than 20 times
    the annual budget of Environment Canada. Watch for this and other fun

  5. That’s the problem though isn’t it guys.
    As long as you de-legitimize socialism as if its radical you’re just part
    of the problem.
    You pick, whine and birch about the system and then cop-out on the real
    Have a set of Canadian socialist healthcare baalllz, show some Canadian
    socialist pride and speak up.
    You used a really solid anti oil clip to give a dig and some of the driving
    forces behind “social” environmental movements -Unions.
    Are you under the impression conservatives watch your show?
    Seattle did it. Why can’t we?
    Stop propagating American propaganda.

  6. im glad you had the fine print on this, the government isn’t shoveling
    billions to petroleum it’s just taxing them less compared to other places.
    This is an important difference, by taxing companies less more extraction
    is viable creating jobs. Shame on you for suggesting these companies are
    taking from the government.

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