Can Muscovites find Crimea on a map? BBC News

The BBC’s Russian Service took to the streets of Moscow to see if a random selection of Muscovites could locate Crimea on a map. Subscribe Check out our website:…


  1. What a pointless load of bollocks. Try asking the average Brit to find it
    on a map and see how many get it right.

  2. Dumbasses…..Jesus, if you’re going to invade a country you should at
    least know where it is!!!!!!

  3. When Thatcher used the Falklands to win an election, the media ask members
    of the public where it was There wasn`t one person who got it right. I
    remember one women giving the location as near Manchester. And who the hell

  4. If you’re going to show russians a map who cant read english, don’t try to
    make Russians look back. Assholes

  5. Now go ask some Brits if they can identify the Falklands, Grenada,
    etc…Yes the wold is full of dumb people.

  6. Pathetic question puhaha, if I ask British people for the map of Britain
    probably 10/100 might get right.. 

  7. How can they exist?! Putin should kill them and recycle for fertilizer,
    people like theese absolutely useless as alive! Stupid biomass

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