California Passes Historic Measure To Change The Constitution

California became the second state to call for a constitutional amendment to get money out of politics. After a determined effort by regular Americans fed up with a corrupt system of government…


  1. You guys need to revise your position to allow grassroots organizations
    where 50% or more of their political funding comes from the American people
    like the NRA and GOA, where most of their funding is from members. I donate
    at least $5 a month, usually more.

  2. I support the idea in principal but what is the exact wording of this
    amendment. That’s kind of important.

  3. California implements almost every failed democratic idea under the sun,
    yet they are failing massively with huge crime, massive debt/deficits, and
    limited freedoms. Taking money out of their politics will do nothing as
    long as the useful idiots there keep supporting your failed policies.

  4. Hey Cenk, Alaska is the largest state in the Union, followed by Texas, then
    finally Cali.

    It’s the richest if that’s what you meant but it’s not the largest.

  5. Normally I’m a pessimistic asshole, but I think perhaps the future isn’t
    going to be dark after all. The next amendment needs to ban CFC’s / carbon
    use and pollutants.

  6. I like this channel, but I’m sick of my entire subscription feed being
    spammed by the separate segments.


  7. Every other state is smaller than Cali. Shouldn’t all of those New England
    state be even easier to get? What about the South? I don’t know what to
    think about them or have any idea what they’re going to do. But who knows I
    think it might actually be bipartisan, they might have been bought off, I
    guess we’ll see.

  8. I need me some wolfpac stuffs… flyers/posters/stickers/pins.. whatever
    need to expose people to it… there are still sooo many that don’t know
    about wolfpac… this is our greatest enemy…ignorance

  9. what if washington dc gets wind of this and passes a law that says the
    constitution needs all states to amend it?

  10. Gay Marriage legalization started off slow but has now exploded all over
    the country. Hopefully Wolf pack will have just as much success.

  11. Dear Americans,

    I’m a politician, please don’t affiliate yourself with WolfPac, I like
    taking free and easy money away from you, the average hard working American
    people so that I could enlarge my swimming pool and golf course.

    Think about my private jet and my Lamborghini why don’t you?

  12. WolfPac is flawed, you’ll never get “money out of politics” because the two
    are entwined. Whilst the idea in theory is interesting and in a utopian
    society would be the norm, practice is vastly different. Just look at
    Western European countries, whilst there is no direct lobbying system, big
    business be it to a far lesser degree still has a lot of influence on
    politics. It’s naive to think that an amendment like this will all of a
    sudden make politicians into leftist wet dream. Money will still be money,
    politicians will still be hungry for it, big business will still be happy
    to supply it to them, be it through less public channels. Want a less
    big-business infused political system? Boycott predator multinational’s
    products and encourage progressive thinking businesses instead.

  13. How about getting guns off the streets too? You wanna shoot the shit out of
    stuff? Go to to a range or hit the hills n have a ball! Open carry is the
    most ridiculous thing I ever heard. It’s 2014 not 1787. 

  14. Hmm…I think we should amend the dexterity or charisma first; we’ve *never*
    amended those.

    …assuming we have enough XP, obviously.

  15. You guys need to get prepared for the anti-amendment propaganda. I promise
    you when this looks like it may threaten to happen the Koch brothers and
    their buddies will start a propaganda war. They will say if this passes
    that the government will be forced to fund the campaign of any nut or
    potential terrorist that wants to run and they will start spreading the
    idea that it means the government will be legally forced to fund the
    campaigns of muslims trying to become president. I know that’s not what
    this would mean and I’m behind the amendment but I am telling you, I’ve
    seen this kind of thing for to many years and the propaganda will be that
    “muslims are gonna take over our country” (I’m not making any anti islam
    statements I’m just saying what they’re going to do to kill this)

  16. If you want taxpayers to have to pick up the tab for thousands of campaigns
    every year, and restrict free speech then support wolf-pac. If you want to
    get money out of politics and completely eliminate the ability for
    corporations to influence the government without having to increase
    government spending and restricting free speech, then we need a
    Constitutional amendment that disallowes the government from regulating,
    subsidizing and otherwise tweaking with the economy. If the government
    can’t dish out subsidies and regulations for special interest groups, then
    those special interest groups would have no motivation to buy out the

  17. Why is someone always getting hurt then supporting it… first the guy with
    a broken jaw, then a guy with muscular dystrophy, and a woman with a broken
    back. Who next, Stephen Hawking? Oh wait, He’s British….

  18. You didn’t put Minnesota on the map. You have to put it there to be fair.
    The state of Minnesota voted against the amendment in at least one of the
    houses. Meaning, Minnesota killed it.

  19. I’m all for the Wolf PAC but if Cenk is going to be this happy every time
    they score a win it’s going to get more annoying than his puns fast.

  20. If Cenk gets NY it is done. Im telling you NY and the states around it are
    key and going to be easier. You guys already got vermont

  21. Keep talking shit Cenk and the corporate and financial oligarchs running
    the show in the US might take action and your dream tipping point might
    become a bridge too far.

  22. New York state will never follow. The New York Officials are actually
    trying to ruin New York by pushing away the interests of the younger
    generation. I live around Rochester NY, it is a job desert here. If you do
    not own your own company you can not find a job period. Our largest
    industry was Kodak. Chase call center jobs were hot markets but just like
    Kodak, Chase Bank closed a few of their Locations putting a couple hundred
    to thousands back into the unemployment lines. The newly unemployed
    residents soon sucked up the remaining jobs.

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