California has to change its attitude about water – professor

While California is going through its first mandated water restrictions, states throughout the Southwest have been using these methods to contend with droughts for decades. Ben Swann speaks…


  1. Dude! I know! Let’s get millions of people to move to the desert and make
    ’em all plant flowers and lawns!!! That’ll be sooo cool!

  2. Wha?!! Ag uses 80% of the water but contributes less than 2% of CA GDP?
    Perhaps time for the ag industry to go dry or pay up for H20.

  3. The professor sounded like he was on the UN Agenda 21 payroll. This
    happening by design using weather modification. It’s part of the takeover
    of the USA.

  4. I see a couple of misleading statistics here. I’m not saying that they’re
    not true. but think about this. If Agriculture is only 2% of California’s
    GDP where does the rest of it come from? My guess would be from
    entertainment industries and hospitality and medical facilities and
    education.. Now Think about what gets masked behind the word agriculture.
    While some agricultural industries such as nurseries are less import for
    the sustainability of life, most of what we’re talking about is FOOD.
    California produces a lot of food for our country and the world. California
    cheese, beef, nuts, fruit, milk, etc. take water to produce. Prohibit
    watering the lawns and the golf courses (most of which are watered 3 times
    a day). Close the carwashes. Make water saving aerators mandatory and
    free. I lived in California for 9 years and I was amazed that people there
    didn’t.conserve water. They just let it run as shown in this video. That’s
    a generalization for certain, so if you live in Cal and do conserve water
    and recycle my hat is off to you.They didn’t recycles everything either.
    Anyway, just putting a few thoughts out there for those who read comments.

  5. Not really its are government selling contracts to big water company’s so
    that are water can be sold back to us and there is no water shortage it’s
    just that we send must of are water in pipe line to other estate we are
    fucked California is poor 4 giving everything away in return the money is
    not even close to what the co pays are making fucking Americans I love it
    fuck helping lets help are self 

  6. Liars liars liars birch ass liars there is just so much water but again
    it’s sold to the highs bitter fuck the poor 

  7. “Water Crisis” ? Not more like Corporate/ Government mismanagement of
    water and exploiting profits from that as they call it the fore-front name
    “historical drought” or “crisis”. Culture plays a small role, if it is
    culture, I repeat it’s the Corporate/ Gov cultures that neglected the issue
    in the first place, such as fracking. 

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