Breast milk robbery: woman lactates in cashiers’ faces to swipe cash from German pharmacy

A woman stole cash from a pharmacy in Darmstadt, Germany, after shooting her breast milk in the pharmacists’ faces to distract them. The woman, whom local police have nicknamed “The Milk…


  1. He deserved it. Womyn have been oppressed and murdered for millions of
    years so it’s only fair. The patriarchy prevents womyn from getting paid
    enough to live forcing brave womyn to commit crimes in desperation. Her
    natural breast milk(that babies dies without it) is oppressed by misogyny
    so by doing this she is empowering all womyn and the feminism movement.
    Arresting her for this is another perfect example of misogyny of the
    patriarchy. Men will use any chance to degrade a womyns sexuality. The
    policemen should go to jail for this but the patriarchy will reward them
    for it 

  2. Great now more dumb girls are going to do it…also who got that girl
    preagnet so she could fire her milk? Shes not a very good mother. Only
    place that milk should be going is in a cup. Or a babies mouth!

  3. So… She paid them 100 euro to spray milk in their faces? Paid with a 200
    Euro note then took a 100 Euro note.

    She should have looked into it better as a lot would like it for free or
    even pay for that :S

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