Breaking Today , President Trump Latest News Today 6/2/17 , W H news , vice president mike pence

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Breaking Today , President Trump Latest News Today 6/2/17 , W H news , vice president mike pence
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  1. God Bless Our Great President. Keeping his promises. He is doing a Great Job. In my lifetime have never seen a President do so much in such a short period of time. He is amazing.

  2. Right on!! Positive news for once coming from a politicians mouth. I was happy to hear that it's the greatest honor of his life to serve President Trump. I support them both. God speed in draining the swamp, draining the lame-stream media, and getting something accomplished that is worthy of being done.

  3. Great job Vice President Pence…we are backing, supporting you and this new administration. " what grade? ". I'd give an A+ too😎

  4. This is great news, but also … wake up people!!!! Global warming is NOT just about CO2 (carbon dioxide). Planet X and the Sun is a major factor as the Earth is being heated from within the core. The magnetic north pole is shifting, methane is being release, the jet stream is altered and really creating climate chaos. Don't listen to me, research the facts. Listen to the physicists and climatologists and people who have devoted themselves to looking under the hood of what's going on with climate chaos.

  5. The Bush (saying I'm smart) administration brought In a Great Recession when the bank system bad deals 2005 went bankrupt..

  6. Another day, another nothing done, unless you count tweeting while sitting on the can. Ho hum. How's that wall comin'?

  7. I can tell you why that's good news I know about 17 trillion of them we going to spend that on the country helping the people that need it instead of sending it overseas

  8. we do not have a problem with our environment look at japan,, let other countries take care of their own problems…

  9. There is a simple solution to the so called 'danger' of CO2 emissions……..plant more TREES. They take in CO2 and give out oxygen! Spread the word!

  10. Welcome everyone to come to Los Angeles Downtown to see how many Americans, lose job to become homeless, and lost hope for life.

  11. What to do with Kim Jun IL …. every time he test a missile right across from his missile pad where he can see it … do exactly the same as he does .. like a mirror …! See how he likes that … see but no go any further …!

  12. Lets be straight Obama was selling out America! The New World Order gave him an ODER
    just like Osoros / Hillar y / and the Swamp People in Washington, DC. !!!!!

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