BREAKING: Prophet Mohammed Shooting In Texas 2 Dead

Both gunmen are dead after attacking the “Prophet Mohammed Cartoon Free Speech Event” in Dallas Texas suburb in Garland, Texas also …


  1. And after all these traitor GOP Neocon thugs chant about ISIL having camps
    in the area and that ISIL is in Texas opps what happens a false flag in
    This is a false flag ops for sure.

  2. Our God can send his angels to kill. Now that is impressive! Which means
    our God is alive, where as mohammed is dead dead dead. Whaaat !!!

  3. This event was probably started by Muslim’s in order to start another
    Paris…Texans are not stupid.

  4. The United States Government thinks we can’t see through this. We’ve grown
    wise to their ways.

  5. Awwh isis cowards gonna cry now This is a nice news report IF this really

    Thank you Pastor Paul and also I watched the Last Days of America Bible
    Prophesy What a BLESSING you Anita and Pastor TD Hale have been and will
    continue to be
    ♡ In – Yeshua-Jesus
    – grandma Steph

  6. So are you saying Pastor, that innocent people would FINALLY protected
    instead of blamed?!

    Did hell freeze over? Did I miss something?

  7. Even though Allah is not the One, True God, and his “prophets” are false. I
    would not use “free speech” to incite a bunch of martial law bait.
    Jesus Christ is God, and Acts 2:38 is Noah’s Ark!
    – get on the boat!!

  8. another match being thrown out by you know who trying to start a religion
    war in Texas!

  9. Hello Pastor,

    These people gather together solely for the purpose of disrespecting other
    people. As true believers we shouldn’t condone or support this behavior.
    Why would grown people gather just to insult another. We will never win
    muslims to Christ this way. They want to get blown up then cry when it
    happens like they did nothing. Either racist, govt staged, but definitely
    not true believers.

  10. Potus will declare cartoon contest violence with no connection to Islam. Oh
    and Isis is not Islamic.

  11. #ISIS British fighter Junaid Hussain, tweeted:”2 of our brothers just
    opened fire…They Thought They Was Safe In Texas” from ISIS fighters.

  12. This happened here in Dallas last night. It was on local news. Garland is
    not to far from Dallas. I’ve been to Garland.

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