Brazil election: Marina Silva’s Amazon jungle upbringing – BBC News

Wyre Davies travelled to the depths of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil where Ms Silva grew up. With days to go until Brazil’s presidential election, the race for the top is tightening. The…


  1. Brazil is using women as a facade to come across as a less corrupt country
    and hold more kudos in international politics. Dilma plays mouthpiece to
    Lula and Marina’s has sadly led her to play mouthpiece to a growing (and
    increasingly worrying) religion in Brazil – Assembleia de Deus. Yes, they
    are going as low as it gets, by mixing religion and politics. Where dogma
    prevails, ignorance prevails. That is why so many Brazilians that study and
    live abroad are reluctant to return to Brazil, when you go abroad you learn
    about new cultures and it is easier to see what is wrong in our own. The
    ostentatious churches of Assembleia de Deus are all built with poor
    people’s money because they have faith and the pastors (just like other
    religious groups of the past) take advantage of it. Faith is not a bad
    thing, but taking advantage of faithful people is – and that is precisely
    what Assembleia de Deus do. They also know all the law loopholes, for
    example they know that it is easier to migrate if you are a religious
    leader, then guess what… all the sudden you have a whole bunch of people
    having a calling for God. All the pastors I met had been drug dealers in
    the past, there is being too judgemental and then there is building
    inferences based on corroborated patterns. Im doing the later. 

  2. Let me summarize the BBC’s positive coverage of this woman: She’s pro-West,

    Cue in the video of children studying, the local who was already ready to
    talk her up, and the theatrical reporter pretending to speak in an
    unscripted manner with a guy he had already selected and interviewed

    Would it be wrong for me to say that the death of her old party-mate was
    fortuitous indeed for her, especially with her new-found pro-west
    credentials? Naw, coincidence prolly.

  3. #BrazilElections – What’s the world media saying.

    *#Eleições2014** aos olhos da mídia estrangeira.*

    #Dilma #Marina #Aécio #Brasil #Brazil

  4. She has no experience on politics unfortunately. Not long ago she had made
    a tweet with her government plans which included gay marriage. Minutes
    after that she was threaten by an evangelical pastor, and a day or so later
    made an ‘erratum’ removing that line from her plans. Since then, she went
    from 32% approval rating to 24%. Real shame :/
    PS: This is not a political opinion or anything. I wish her the best and I
    hope she thinks about this.

  5. Eu sou brasileiro, e eu vejo que esse video não falou sobre as coisas ruins
    sobre Marina.
    Marina é uma pessoa religiosa louca. Se ela ganhar essa eleição, quem
    realmente irá governar o Brasil, será a Facção Cristã: o grupo evangélico
    extremista que está dentro do governo Brasileiro. Marina Silva é evangélica
    e está submissa ao grupo de pastores evangélicos influentes no cenário
    politico no Brasil. Será esse grupo de pastores que governarão o pais, pois
    Marina é somente um fantoche que obedece as vontades deles para ter o voto
    dos brasileiros evangélicos.

    1- Marina é contra o casamento homossexual.
    2- Ela apoia o tratamento psicologico experimental para a reorientação
    sexual dos homossexuais. Para os homossexuais se transformaram em
    heterossexuais. Isso não possue respaldo cientifico.
    3- Ela apoia o Ensino Religioso Cristão nas escolas.
    4- Ela apoia o Ensino do Criacionismo nas escolas.
    5- Ela é contra o Estado Laico.
    6- Ela apoia beneficios para as Igrejas Cristãs Evangélicas.
    7- Ela apoia a cultura de origem Judaico-cristã somente, e ela censurará
    qualquer outra forma de pensamento que não tenha base cristã.
    Marina é Retrograda e conservadora. Se ela ganhar essa eleição, o Brasil
    irá viver na ” Idade das Trevas Evangélica “.

    In English:

    I’m Brazilian, and I see that this video didn’t talk about the bad things
    about Marina.
    Marina is a crazy religious person. If she wins this election, who will
    actually govern Brazil, is the Christian faction: the extremist evangelical
    group that is within the Brazilian government. Marina Silva is evangelical
    and is submissive to the group of influential evangelical pastors in the
    political scenery in Brazil. Will this group of pastors who rule the
    country because Marina is only a puppet obeying their wills to have the
    vote of evangelical Brazilians.

    1- Marina is against gay marriage.
    2- She supports the experimental psychological treatment for sexual
    reorientation of homosexuals. For homosexuals became heterosexual. It
    possesses no scientific endorsement, scientific support.
    3- She supports Christian Religious Education in schools.
    4- She supports the teaching of creationism in schools.
    5-She is against the Laic State.
    6- She supports benefits for Churches of Evangelical Christians.
    7- She supports the culture of origin Jewish-Christian only, and she going
    to censure, going to reproach any other form of thought that has no
    Christian basis.
    Marina is retrograde and conservative. If she wins this election, Brazil
    will live in the “Evangelical Age of Darkness “.

  6. Desculpe Harry Smith, mas você não entende nada de Brasil.
    Marina Silva é a esperança para uma decencia na política desse país.

    Sorry Harry Smith, but you know nothing about Brazil .
    Marina Silva is hope for decency in this country’s politics .

  7. Marina Silva is a very inteligent woman. Her adversaries talks a lot of
    lies about her. She is not homofobic. That is not thue. She aproves the
    civil union. But the word marriege is about sacrament. And a democratic
    state can’t impose this to the churchs. The religons have to be respect
    too. It is democracy. The contrary is imposition. The law she not defend is
    about the impositon of marriage gays to the churchs. Nobody can interfer in
    religion liberty. You have to know this law first.

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