Boko Haram latest video: Boko Haram attacks villages and kidnaps 80 people in Cameroon

Boko Haram fighters from Nigeria crossed the border into northern Cameroon on Sunday and took away 80 people, most of them children, according to reports. Insurgents from Nigeria arrived at…


  1. An Israeli and a Nigerian were caught in South Africa with millions of
    dollars of cash training to buy weapons? who were they buying for and why?
    figure yourself. and ppl blame Muslims on these bloodthirsty animals.

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  3. Did you get that oil pipeline connection there? Yeah, …i knew you did.
    Ever wonder why these groups like ISIS and boko haram just spring up out of
    nowhere driving US special forces toyota trucks not available for sale to
    the public in the countries the US just HAPPENS to want to invade next?
    What are the odds of THAT huh? 😀

    If you farted oil, Obama would claim ISIS was in your pants and invade.

  4. I know this might sound cruel, but maybe we should just stop bargaining
    with them for hostages. They get hostages and that is how they have power,
    by being able to bargain hostages away to get some of their own freed from
    Guantanamo or possibly something else. Maybe if this gets out of hand, we
    need to just put up a “all hostages are lost” policy, not bargaining for
    hostages, either trying to rescue them, but definitely not negotiating for
    them. Then they will see that they can’t just take hostages in the hopes
    for bargaining for their goals and then they will lose their power and stop
    doing that.

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