Bieber Gets Punched, Plus Butts (WORST SHOW EVER!)

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  1. I wonder if Bieber got punched because he asked Bloom what it was like to
    be penetrated by Keira Knightley on the set of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN?

  2. “Marvel can weave shit into gold”…….um, nobody who didn’t read comics
    knew anything about deadpool until that shitty wolverine movie but
    hey….if you call one of the best characters i have ever read about
    shit,not to drive a point not based on guardians of the galaxy, which is a
    great comic to begin with, thats all cool, your opinion, i respect that.

  3. Transformers may be stupid (and everyone knows that) but it definitely is
    entertaining. I hope riding that hate train is more fun for you than
    enjoying those movies, otherwise I should maybe pitty you.

  4. Any white male that finds Nicky Minaj attractive needs their head examined.
    She is the most degenerate celebrity skank in the world.

  5. Does the Douchebag Bible come in an inconspicuous box of sorts? I would
    love to order one to give it a read, but I also live in a house where I’m
    an Atheist while my dad is heavily religious and my grandmother is so
    religious that I’m pretty sure she would be the one executing the hangings
    if hanging non-Christians was still a thing in America. 

  6. Holy shit after looking at that picture of Nikki I think I’m Bi sexual
    now…. thanks TJ you prick.
    P.S. take that book and shove it up your ass no ones going to buy that

  7. OMG white people are so atheist. That’s why they’re the biggest racists on
    the planet. Look at what happened to England after they lost god. There was
    such a massive influx of convicts that they had to ship them to a different
    continent. Guns are banned in Australia because they would all shoot each
    other if they got a hold of any. Such criminal genes!

    ̶ɾ̶u̶s̶ʇ̶ ̶ʇ̶ɹ̶o̶ן̶ן̶ı̶n̶ƃ̶¡

  8. Nikki Minaj’s ass looks extremely fake. It’s either silicon or, more likely
    than not, photoshopped.

  9. Minaj’s butt is FAKE. So are her Tits. Everyone knows this. She
    underwent a lot of plastic surgery as part of the deal to become a mega
    star(including surgery on her face). Just check out videos of before she
    was a star to see the difference.

  10. Justin Bieber should get punched by Brock Lesnar,Dave Bautista, Arnold
    Schwarzenegger, and Vin Deisel on all four sides of his head. 

  11. TAA, my filthy hipster friends said you’re dumb but I don’t agree with
    their filthy asses and you’re a pretty cool guy.

  12. And just like that Orlando sucks a little less. Also I think Nikki had a
    roast chicken the night before she did the photo, seeing how you can
    practically tell what she had for dinner.

  13. I will buy a copy if, and only if, you promise me that you can draw a
    picture of Che Guevara raping Anita Sarkeesian and/or Cenk Uygu.

  14. Guardians is so overrated it’s not even funny. It wasn’t bad by any
    stretch but it felt like they took Firefly, took out everything that made
    the characters awesome, added tons of effects and over the top humor, and

    I do like Rocket Raccoon though… they need to make a standalone film just
    for him next..

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