Biden Salutes Veterans, Thanking 9/11 Generation

Vice President Joe Biden saluted military veterans placing a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. He also thanked the generation of men and women who joined…


  1. Why don’t they hang this fuckin prick for war crimes.. And he must be the
    stupidest cuse of all time.. Surpassing gore.

  2. These political clowns and their relatives will never see real combat they
    are exempt from any dangerous activities and whatever little they say they
    did they fabricated it and made it up with the help the cooperating press.
    Does anybody really serve? We were all in the military for one reason and
    one reason only for a paycheck and benefits and an adventure. The only ones
    that really served were ww2 ww1 Korean in Vietnam because they were drafted
    and they had no choice. 

  3. US military is nothing but a drug cartel. If they really want to defend
    freedom they should start buy killing American born white men because
    they’re about the only motherfuckers who have tried to take mine.

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