Bernie Sanders to EPA Scott Pruitt: ‘WHY is the climate changing?’WHY?

Scott Pruitt testified before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on his nomination to be administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the Trump administration. Mr. Pruitt said he disagrees with the president-elect’s views on climate change stating, “I do not believe climate change is a hoax.” He was also pressed by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) about whether human activity is the primary cause of climate change. Mr. Pruitt responded by saying the issue is subject to more debate and his personal opinion about climate change is immaterial. In addition, he was questioned about the numerous lawsuits he filed against the EPA as attorney general, specifically opposing the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan.


  1. what a load of bull s***. all the electricity we need is produced by the Earth and the Sun. and it's completely free and that's why they suppress all the technology to keep us burning fossil fuels and Cole and nuclear energy so they can control us and keep us paying. everyone in the government needs to be locked up as criminals Against Humanity and the Earth.

  2. The EPA is not protecting our environment. There was a meeting in Bullhead city about the Chemtrails and it was a government meeting the people met with the state leaders and the EPA was there and they said they (the epa) responsible for monitoring of the emissions being sprayed and they were not responsible for finding out the pollutants that were in the chemicals that were being sprayed on people. Just another ABC company that doesn't do anything for humanity

  3. The government is ruining our climate, the faun and Flora through Chemtrails which are metal particulates and lots of other things that are heating up the globe and our atmosphere. It's not us humans breathing… it is our government who spraying worldwide. If you want to help Bernie, tell them to stop …it and stop lying about the global warming and that it's our fault for being human is an existing on the planet

  4. CO2 is supposedly a green house gas but water vapor is a far bigger green house gas. Should we make it illegal to rain. 97% of scientist agree? How many scientists are there in the world? Did you ask all of them or is it 97% of the ones you cherry picked.

  5. lmao why is the climate changing. . cuz it's the earth and That's what it Does! Be thankful you're Not living During a period of Glaciation! there Will be Another.

  6. Bernie Sanders go fuck your self, Why would you endorse Hillary? fuck! you had the people! run as a independent for fuck sakes!!!!   I'm Pro Trump! know!!! Fuck the world! Fuck Bernie lets fuck this country FUCK WHITE PEOPLE FUCK TRUMP!!!!!

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