Bernie Sanders On Donald Trump’s Filthy Rich Cabinet | All In | MSNBC

Sen. Bernie Sanders talks to Chris Hayes about what it means to preside over perhaps the richest cabinet in U.S. history.
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Bernie Sanders On Donald Trump’s Filthy Rich Cabinet | All In | MSNBC


  1. No matter what trump does his supporters will always justify it. If he starts ww3 his supporters will make an excuse for him. What a bunch of sheep.

  2. you need rich folks in his cabinet because they know how to make money for our country. are you going to put an unsuccessful business as a secretary of a particular position????????

  3. remember what obama didnt do. they as in Bernie never spoke a word. they were zip. trump saves 1100 jobs and gives carrier 6 million incentives to keep these workers at work. other option is to put them out of work all 1100 families and cost taxpayers 60 million in tax dollars a year. it just is insane how this reporter is so so biased.fascinates me.

  4. You are stupid if you think his choice is bad. He is picking a guy who knows more about Wall Street than anyone. Just because Wall Street is bad doesn't mean that every person is

  5. You need cabinet members who know FINANCE and understand the complexity of the markets.  You must have deep knowledge and experience in many areas in order to be effective at oversight.  Bernie has none of this.  I've worked in major firms where the regulators weren't as smart as the unscrupulous people in the Wall Street firms, and it's a disaster, because they get away with creating huge risk and fraud.  It is one of the key reasons for the market failures in 2008/2009.  I want to remind everyone that Obama didn't have his DOJ prosecute ANY of the Wall Street executives for their crimes.  In contrast, the Bush administration prosecuted 800 executives who caused the S&L crisis in the early 1990s, which was tiny compared to the crimes in the mid-2000 era.   Count on Sessions as head of DOJ to enforce SOX and SEC violations where Obama did not.  Count on Preet Bharara the US Attorney in NYC to investigate and prosecute Wall Street crimes.Also count on Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to be privatized without the government guarantee they had in the past.  Watch what is going to happen.  Change is coming and Wall Street is going to be less likely to mess with an administration who is willing to take them on and put them in jail for their crimes.  Obama did us all a disservice by bailing them out and then not holding anyone accountable.

  6. rothschild and soros bankers being hired by trump lmao. somebody tell alex jones that his boy conned ya

  7. I was surprised to hear Sander's go deep and use the "fraud and phony" quote from Romney. I didn't think he'd go so far, so fast. Did Sanders just squander what little political capital he may have had with Trump?

  8. Trump has planned to help Wall Street executives and CEO. The Dow Jones Industries had hit record high since Trump met with the Wall Street people. Stocks and oil are going higher.

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