Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate Proven Fraudulent

Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate Proven Fraudulent

Although this is not breaking news in any means it’s only been proven even more that the president of the United States is not even eligible to be our president.  Our poor country just keeps getting worse and worse with all the lies and deceptions.  It’s very saddening to see what was once known as the greatest nation on earth just go to hell in a hand basket.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s cold case posse has confirmed that President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is “definitely fraudulent,” prompting the media and political establishment to launch a frenzied spin campaign in an effort to deflect attention from the astounding new evidence uncovered by the investigation.


Paul Joseph Watson
clearly proving Obama’s long form birth certificate had been tampered with, including the fact that when analyzed the document clearly shows that layered text has been added in artificially and that the scan of the document is not an original, Arpaio and his posse unearthed tantalizing new information. National Security Threat: Obama’s Birth Certificate Proven Fraudulent

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“Considering the fact that Hawaii appears to be very lax in its distribution of birth certificates, it is possible, though certainly not proven, that President Obama, through the actions of others, may have benefited by the ease with which one can obtain a birth certificate proving U.S. citizenship,” Zullo said, according to CBS affiliate KPHO in Phoenix. Arpaio: Obama birth record definitely forged – CBS News


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