Bahrain: An Inconvenient Uprising (Extra Scene)

Subscribe to VICE News here: Like many countries in the Middle East and beyond, Bahrain erupted with anti-authoritarian protests in 2011 when the Arab…


  1. Earlier this year, VICE News correspondent Ben Anderson travelled to London
    to speak with Nabeel Rajab, the unofficial leader of Bahrain’s uprising,
    and then headed undercover to Bahrain, where he met activists, protestors,
    grieving parents, and alleged torture victims.

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  3. Bahrain is an Arabian state always has and always will be, these ppl aren’t
    Bahrain’s they pledge their alliance to Iran always have and always will
    be. what Bahrain is going through is that they have giving refuge to ppl
    not from this land with all hospitality and now those same ppl want to take

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