Autonomous vehicles will come sooner than many expect: Elaine Chao

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao on autonomous vehicles, the Trump administration’s efforts to boost America’s infrastructure and the brief government shutdown.


  1. facebook, google, amazon, apple need to pay for the infrastructure, not taxpayers!!!!!!! Like facebook, you created a mess on 84 Dumbarton and Bayfront express with your stop light that you control, how can a company put a stop light on a state route? You let your employees and busses in and out blocking traffic creating a 20min delay just for you!!! Screw you and your morals on addicting people to look at their phones and not the real world. And screw your stupid ass thumb up sign that attracts countless more traffic just to take a selfie what the fuck happened to the brains of people really? A selfie with a sign.. jeez…

  2. I will never entertain the Idea. I enjoy driving too much.
    Years ago before Petrol the transport system for personal and industrial vehicles was going to be light rail. The system was good then, I can only imagine what it would look like now. I still liked the Idea better than driverless cars.

  3. you're so smart, how did you end up with the GOP Speaker of the Senate? I believe in the new market, baby boomers will command the innovation of the future….

  4. How dare she. How dare all of them. I hope they all have a horrid running man type experience. Or get hit by one of these freak cars. Karma. There is no future with these rats destroying us.

  5. I will continue driving my old chevy 4×4's just like ive done for 40 years. You couldnt give me one of those new pickups with all the gadgets and screens, damn near need a pilots license to figure it all out.

  6. Ultimate control over the masses. Who’s to hold a government with that kind of control accountable? “Regulations” will mean nothing. This is scary in so many ways.

  7. This woman is living in a fantasy world. People are NOT going to trust their lives to an overpriced, automated, computerized death-trap.

  8. You want permitting on infrastructure projects to be easier? how about you back off on residential building permits. Besides it's not any governments business what someone does to their home

  9. NO ONE WANTS AUTONOMOUS CARS !!!! Orwellian bullshit. This is all about control, freedom my ass. This is stupid, government acting responsibly Lmfao. Let verified voting Americans vote and you will see they don't want this,

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