Audit The Fed Clears House Panel

Audit The Fed Clears House Panel

Chairman of the Fedral Reserve "Bernake"The last video on this page is the most important reasons why this is such an important bill to get to pass and to “Audit The Federal Reserve”…  If your just going to scan thru this post please just go and scroll to the last video on this page.  Also would love to here your comments on what you think about this bill that Ron Paul has brought to the House of Representatives.  Way to go Ron Paul 🙂

The House Oversight Committee easily cleared legislation Wednesday that would require a top-to-bottom audit of the Federal Reserve.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), was advanced by the committee on a bipartisan voice vote with no vocal opposition. Audit the Fed Clears House Panel | Ron Paul Revolution


Before the audit bill cleared the oversight committee on Wednesday, ranking member Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) attempted to introduce an amendment that would prevent the GAO from auditing the Fed’s deliberations on monetary policy. Cummings withdrew the amendment after Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) voiced opposition, saying it “essentially guts this bill.”

Issa maintained it was ironic that Congress took an intense interest in the $2 billion and counting in losses suffered recently by JPMorgan Chase when it “pales in comparison” to the Fed’s multi-trillion dollar portfolio. House panel clears Fed audit bill – The Hill (blog)


Meanwhile, the Fed has sought to ramp up its public outreach, with Bernanke holding regular press conferences following policy decisions, and highlighting on its website how the central bank’s activities are reviewed by independent auditors and investigators.

Republicans have become increasingly critical of the Fed’s expansionary policies following the economic downturn, warning that its massive expansion of its balance sheet poses serious inflation risks House panel clears Fed audit bill | Occupy News





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Beat Obama Committee Advances Ron Paul’s Audit the Federal Reserve Bill

Beat Obama Committee Supports Legislation to Audit the Federal Reserve BOPAC urges its members to fax Congress in support of bill to Audit the Fed. Henderson, Nevada (United States) (OFFICIAL WIRE) June 27, 2012 The Beat Obama Committee is calling on its members to fax Congress in support of legislation to audit the Federal Reserve. Congressman Ron Paul of Texas is the original sponsor of HR 459, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky sponsored the companion legislation, S 202, in the Senate. The Act would repeal Congressional limitations on auditing the Federal Reserve, and calls for a complete audit of the privately-owned bank’s Board of Governors and branches before the end of 2012. The Federal Reserve Transparency Act passed a vote in the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on June 27, 2012. According to a May 25, 2012 story reported in The Hill, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has agreed to bring the bill up for a full vote in July. “Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke refused to tell Congress where it sent money during the TARP bailouts in 2009,” said Randy Goodwin, Treasurer of the Beat Obama Committee. “It was only after a partial audit of the bank in 2011 that we learned they had given 16 trillion dollars in taxpayer money to foreign banks.” The Beat Obama Committee believes that the Federal Reserve needs to be held accountable for the devaluation of the US dollar. According to the Government Accountability Office

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Slaves To The Fed

An Economy that is dependent of the Federal Reserve (USA’s Central Bank) is not Capitalism. True capitalism say’s “You gamble and lose, You go out of Business” any 5th grader could tell you that. So ask yourself, why does the stock market go up, while unemployment rises and more jobs are lost…easy..the dollar in your pocket is worth less and less and it takes more and more of them to buy that same share of stock.

If you’ve made it this far in this post please post your comment on how you feel about the importance or not on auditing the Federal Reserve……


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