Atheist Indoctrination? (Guest Video by Zaunstar)

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  2. I’m feeling a little bit under the weather (dying of Ebola, no doubt) and
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  3. It’s difficult to have any intelligent discussion on this channel anymore.
    Too many narcissistic contrarians. Anyway, I’d teach kids what my parents
    taught me: Do you really think a single being created everything around
    you? Is there a man who listens to your thoughts and knows everything you
    do? Do you really think there is a magical world up in the clouds? Teach
    kids to ask lots of questions. Why? Pretty soon they’re inquisitive about
    everything. Teach kids how to think, not what to think.

  4. We were all born atheist.

    So is atheist indoctrination possible?

    Or am I thinking too square.

    And nobody likes a square. 

  5. One of the worst mistakes my parents made was read the bible and “THINK”
    about it *it all makes sense*. Than those were the baby steps of my atheism
    that flows through me now.

  6. Atheism alone won’t be the cure for all the hate and stupidity in the
    world, but if our violent hate groups had names like “Children of Dawkins”,
    “Disciples of Hitchens” or “Killers for Krauss” I would gladly accept that
    as at least some sort of human progress. Better then what we have now at

  7. Zaunstar secretly believes in Jesus but because he wants gay sex he decided
    to rebel against god and say he doesn’t exist.

  8. Yeah, I don’t see the need for an atheistic parent to even address
    religion. if the child doesn’t bring it up. Yes it exists, but it’s
    nonsense. Do you teach your children the various mythologies of the past,
    from Greek to Roman to Egyptian to Chinese to…. Of course you don’t. It’s
    not real, so it doesn’t deserve special treatment over other mythologies.

  9. call me human rights fucker but I kinda think we SHOULD do indoctrination,
    especially use indoctrination to forcefully teach science and math.

  10. I think that forcing a child into a belief under threat is damaging
    regardless of what belief it is Atheism or Theism. I would teach my child
    that being an asshole is wrong and they should never be like that, and that
    they should be kind as much as possible, as well as learning to reasonably
    question things. I have my own Theistic belief, but I’d never expect my
    child to choose it as their own belief.
    I’ve heard and read of Atheist parents being even worse than crazy
    religious people. Even down to threats of death for not being an Atheist;
    this is still something that shocks me to this day. 

  11. I was taught religion as truth, but once I was forced to actually read the
    Bible, I discovered how terrible it was. My father helped explain parts
    (like big words I didn’t get) and boom, I was an atheist.

    If parents are allowed to permanently alter parts of their sons’ bodies,
    they are definitely allowed to poison their mind.

  12. I would love to see a study that investigates religious belief and the
    belief of ghosts, big foot, loch ness monster, alien abduction, conspiracy
    theories, to name a few.

  13. I feel as if horror movies and shows based on hauntings and possessions
    carrying the title “based on a true story” are a pretty good scare tactic
    for Christians wanting people to think “I better pray to god or I’m gonna
    get possessed or haunted”! I know lots of people who seem to simply believe
    in god because they’re scared of ghosts and demons because of these types
    of movies and shows, I believe this fear starts with a simple fear of the
    unknowing of whats in the dark or simply a fear of the dark.
    These are just personal opinions though.. I hope horror creators start
    making stories based on evil creatures of OTHER religions because it’s
    simply getting boring in the fantasy writing aspect and is completely
    uncreative, read better stories off creepy pasta…

  14. This is so true, but I don’t think you really need to teach children to
    question what they are told to not believe in religion. My parents never
    even mentioned religion to me and when I first heard people talking about
    gawd my thoughts were “What the fuck is this bullshit”? granted I didn’t
    know those words at the age of 5, but that was the general attitude. People
    of course, especially if they are struggling can often be easily
    indoctrinated even at older ages though. Still teaching your kids to
    question what they are told/learn wherever is a /fine/ idea.

  15. Nice points, I would tell my children the religious stories as I would with
    Aesop’s fables or Greek Mythology. They aren’t true but you can still learn
    lessons from them. Well some of them.

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