Artists for Palestine WA MECA Maia Project

This is a short documentary which I made for Artists for Palestine WA to provide educational material about the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) Maia Project and the Water Situation in Gaza.

Video Text:

The Gaza Strip is one of the most densely populated areas in the whole world with a growing population expected to reach 2.3 million people by 2020. Palestinians are forced to live in an open air prison due to the continuing Israeli blockade and military occupation.

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are forced to rely on a small portion of a coastal aquifer as their only source of fresh water. Most of the water is stolen and extracted by Israel, which consumes around 66% leaving the rest to be shared between Egypt & Gaza. The small amount of water allocated to Gaza is not enough to meet the needs of the Gaza population.

The closure of Gaza’s border crossings, means that equipment and supplies needed for the construction and maintenance and repair of war damaged water and sanitation facilities are denied entry. This has resulted in the freezing of a number of projects to repair, rehabilitate and upgrade existing infrastructure, including water and sewerage networks and waste-water treatment plants.

The Middle East Children’s Alliance is seeking funds from individuals and organisations, who are committed to making a significant impact on the health and well-being of Gaza’s children, by contributing to the cost of building and installing water units that will provide safe, clean drinking water for thousands of children.

Artists for Palestine (WA) was established in 2014 in Perth, Western Australia, in support of Palestinian people’s struggle for freedom, justice, equality and dignity. We embody the Palestinian stance of sumud – steadfastness – as we work to provide a platform for the expression of all stories within the Palestinian experience. Artists for Palestine welcomes new members & contributions from all artists and anyone wanting to creatively support freedom for Palestine.

Music = “Bismillah Subhan’Allah” Performed, Written & Recorded by Othman Hishmeh. A big Thank-you goes to Othman Hishmeh for contributing his music to this Artists for Palestine WA Project. Children’s Art Work & Photographs from Palestine courtesy MECA Thanks to Marziya Mohammedali for the excellent B/W photographs used in this Movie. Thanks to Ayman Qwaider For helping to make this movie happen!

For more information about Artists for Palestine WA go to AfP is part of Friends of Palestine Western Australia For more info go to:

Movie Produced & Edited by James Rendell, Secretary Artists for Palestine WA. Some pix also by CADT Photography

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