Armed Citizens: Most Powerful Force On Earth

Alex Jones covers what’s happened in Mexico with the vigilantes taking back their right to bear arms and driving out the drug cartels. A free people doing what the entire Mexican army has been…


  1. the truth is more powerful right now Alex. but it aint okay for the
    Government to try and take them away from us neither.they are trying to
    take not only the weapons but the truth as well.

  2. Alex…guns are being displayed as dangerous and you know the rest…there
    are shootings here…call them what you will…the MP even started so
    called “drills” in the Vondelpark (Amsterdam) They were firing blanks and
    running after eachother. traumatized childeren was one of the “side
    effects”. so who has the guns?

    Only police and army and criminals have guns in this country. Although a
    woman(legal gun owner) recently shot two muggers to save her husband and
    got aquitted

  3. New government mind control weapon: makes everyone in alternate media shout
    at trolls…. wtf is with everyone lately?

  4. people do not conceive of now, their power at every moment to arm and react
    to government tyranny, they lack the emotion and feeling of it. That is
    their illusion.

  5. they are way to many close minded people they cant see the forest because
    the trees get in three way

  6. Maybe its because he’s got a tan but Alex looks like he’s getting into
    better shape lately…good on you, dude. Not Gay.

  7. Alex, don’t listen to the trolls. this is the true media. and we all really
    know what is real

  8. Wondered why I was not seeing your video’s. .I had been unsubscribed .has
    anyone else been unsubscribed without their knowledge? 

  9. .Armed Citizens: Most Powerful Force On Earth yep and when the day comes
    alex you are not with us you can keep mind fucking people to pay for you
    stupid seeds and what not hay people wake up alex made 5.5million off your
    azz with his bulshit seeds and what not he is part of the problem do not
    trust the zog

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