Apple Rumored To Buy Beats By Dr. Dre For BILLIONS!

“Apple Inc is close to buying headphone maker Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion, the Financial Times reported. The purchase of Beats, which also runs a streaming music service, would be Apple’s…


  1. The only thing exciting about the headphones is the colors. I really don’t
    see or hear any reason for buying headphones that expensive.

  2. Quick, seize and redistribute their wealth! “You didn’t make that!” –
    President Barack Obama

  3. this video just proved progressives completely wrong . the rich pay plenty
    taxes. but it’s never enough for them. 

  4. People need to stop bitching about beats being poor quality. Its like
    Apple, you pay more for the brand. There has been brands like that for
    quite a while now, specially in the clothing and accessorizes department.
    It doesn’t always mean it’s shit, it just means you pay more for a equal
    product, and added image/status/whatever.

    It’s not my taste, and it’s yours neither we get that. But bitching about
    it, just don’t. Believe me i used to be like that. It just makes you angry
    inside, even though you say you don’t care.

    Dre is an icon in the field of self-made man. Believe that. It doesn’t even
    matter what you think about the headphones he sells, that’s not even the
    Like he said in the video. Dre is the new face of the american dream right

    That’s pretty fuckin cool right, wtf you babbling on about than.

  5. If Steve Jobs was still alive and running Apple, such acts of stupidity
    would have never happened. Steve Jobs valued his products having far
    superior quality to the competitions, brand name was not really a factor.

    What could Beats possibly contribute to Apple products? Apple could EASILY
    produce better sound systems and products and blow Beats out of the water.
    Instead, they want to waste 3.2 billion dollars just to add the “Beats”
    name to their products, though like I said they could add way better sound
    systems to their laptops, phones, and tablets.

    Facebook bought Whatsapp for $19 billion and Oculus Rift for $2 billion.
    Now Apple buys Beats for $3.2 billion. Hopefully there is no trend that
    goes on….I hate to see smaller companies with huge promise and potential
    being bought off and ruined by the biggest companies willing to blow off
    billions of dollars with small returns!

  6. Dr. Dre just scammed Apple out of 3.2 billion.

    Apple bought this for brand sake. That’s pretty much it and that’s not
    something Apple is known for. Beats are not even that good and really only
    great if you are into bass heavy music. What intellectual property would
    Beats even bring to Apple? there isn’t one anyone know of. On top of that
    Beats are already overpriced and pair that with Apple? I’m sorry this isn’t
    a good look on Apple’s part. Seems more rational then anything else.

    Maybe they belong together. They both are brand based which is making them
    money. which is pretty much what this is all about.

    My question is whats going to happen to “Beats music” app? Is that going to
    be a part of Apple now? will that becomes Apple’s Spotify? Is that the real
    reason they bought Beats? Not sure why when that service have a low install

  7. I just bought a pair of all black on black 2013 studios.. I’m waiting to
    get em at bestbuy online service

  8. Apple, already the king of mediocre hardware, now with prettier headphones.
    A match made in heaven.

  9. I wish I could con millions of people into paying a premium for shit
    products because of the logo. Apple and Beats truly are the greatest at
    that and now that they’ve combined, holy shit

  10. Wow beats are way overpriced for the sound quality….. Shitty product when
    you compare to other brands , just good marketing i guess

  11. Beats sound quality sucks, but it pulls in 1 billion annually; on that
    alone, it’s totally worth it for Apple to make the acquisition.

    The main deal, however, is Iovine: he provides so much in terms of music
    contacts it stands to change the music industry landscape.

  12. Good for them for raking in so much money, but honestly… those beats
    headphones are over priced garbage. The only reason people wear them is to
    look cool, not because the product is any good.

  13. I am happy for Dr. Dre and think that he should have earned more, but all
    the other niggas that around him [like T. Gibson] will try to mooch dollaz
    off of him.

  14. Beats by Dre and Apple? It’s like the Peanut Butter and Jelly of
    overpriced. underperforming hardware. If I were Dre I’d sell it off too.

  15. First billionaire in Hip Hop… Yeah, but you didn’t do it through tasteful
    music. You did it through headphones… 

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