Andy Puzder: US Getting To 4% Economic Growth | CNBC

Andy Puzder, former CKE Restaurant CEO, talks about President Trump’s agenda and economic growth. And Walter Isaacson, Aspen Institute, wants to know what the next big tech breakthrough will be.
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Andy Puzder: US Getting To 4% Economic Growth | CNBC


  1. Economic advice from on the guy who ruined the Carl's Jr. restaurant chain, is not advice I would value.

    The quality of the food and service declined markedly, starting from Puzder was first put in charge. There were years where the entire store smelled like an unwashed restroom. (This at widely separated locations – so presumably the result of some policy for the chain.) In those years, my kids acquired a fixed dislike of the chain.

    Before Puzder became a public figure, I did realize the decline of the chain exactly corresponded to his tenure.

  2. ends the segment talking about automation, fails to relate it to the labor market. glad you all have experts on.

  3. Two stories in the news today 1) Economists estimate GDP in '17 and '18 at less than 2.5% and 2) Productivity of zero growth last quarter

  4. I thought he was going to say the next big thing is quantum computers.
    The next big thing is something we don't know anything about. That how all "Next big things" are

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