America’s Newsroom | Sep 17, 2016 | Mike Huckabee, Senn Jeff Sessions on Race b/w Trump & Clinton

America’s Newsroom | Sep 17, 2016 | Mike Huckabee, Senn Jeff Sessions on Tight Race B/w Trump & Clinton


  1. You could put sessions and Huckabee in the same piss pot and fling it out a window… Fuck those freaks…

  2. Why is the media keep on telling us that Mr. Trump is in the same pot as Hillary; why do they keep saying we need to pick between two evils?
    Trump has genuinely captured the hearts of millions of everyday Americans … Trump has the temperament, tone, tenacity to make American great again! A strong, fearless, gutsy leader with a truly great heart

  3. this problem with Congress when you got people like Hillary Clinton and you've got 3839 dead bodies that cannot be answered as a bit of course they take their luck is it better not to get killed by the crime family or take your luck with congress and remember they work in the rising house so they know the laws so that you know I take Ray luck with Congress because if I go against the crime family I'm dead that's how I see them Erica and if you can't see it you'll be I just can't believe that you have this to happen Congress is really trying and it's the people that are you people you are causing the problem so your face is your destiny you just bury your head you deserve what you get God save America you write such a rubbish on these messages why don't you write something sensible

  4. Hillary Clinton will suspends her Presidential campaign before Election and she will be hospitalized and the truth will come out..Trump will go on and will win to be the 45th President of USA👍

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