Alternate History 2016- Bernie Sanders vs Rick Perry

Who wins this contest?


  1. Joe Donnelly vs Joni Ernst.

    Scott Walker vs Roy Copper.

    John Bel Edwards vs Matt Bevin

    Butch Otter vs Cory Booker.

    Larry Hogan vs Kamala Harris.

  2. Bernie will do much better in West-Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana than Obama and Clinton. They like his populist stances on trade and the taxes. It still would go for Perry, but by a much smaller margin.

  3. Trump did attract white working class people that in general do not vote Republican. Trump won in 2016 only by a couple of percentage points. The Charlotte area has become a large Democratic.stronghold. Perry is from the south, but NC is not hardline South, so I think NC is a real tossup.

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