Albinos Murdered In Tanzania Due To Superstition

Five men armed with machetes stormed a home in northwestern Tanzania last month, and ran off with one-year-old Yohana Bahati. Days later, the child was found dead, his limbs severed. He became…


  1. This is going on there for decades, why is it only covered now? Christians
    today in Africa beat up, torture, kill or burn people at the stake and
    mutilate their own children on the accusations of that they are “witches”
    and “agents of Satan”. Thousands of adults and children have been killed by
    Christian killers who believe in “witches”.

  2. *Ughhh!!* Kyle always has to bring in race to every issue. Let me tell you
    somethin’ Kyle, while you may think you are being a social justice hero
    defending this light negro, you fail to mention the horrendous gender
    divide right here in the United States which is far more important than
    this minor conflict in foreign lands.

    White privilege is already a FACT, so let’s start focusing on bigger issues
    like getting more women into STEM.


  3. This has been going on for like, forever, same with witchburnings.
    Luckily, several organizations are trying to spread internet to the far
    reaches of the globe, and hopefully in a few decades, most of the planet
    has easy access to most common information at their finger tips. Perhaps
    all this fuckery will slowly start to go away by then, but of course it
    will never disappear.

  4. Well this just brings out the worst in people, Greed, Superstions, No
    empathy….but then that is going on here in the US, albeit without the
    cannibalism connotations. This is really sick, wow. 

  5. It’s weird to see people slaughter each other for being albino. “Your skin
    is white when it’s supposed to be black, we shall kill you and sell your
    body for profit”. I mean I really don’t want to say that it’s racism, but
    it IS killing people because they’re the wrong skin color.

  6. leave it to savages and primitives to drag the rest of the world down. i
    look forward for the world to finally become civilized, and hopefully
    ages-old ridiculous myths are laughed at unanimously

  7. just goes to prove that Africa is still as primitive and savage as can be.

  8. Yes, we need to educate these people about genetics… so that they can
    breed more $75000 babies.

  9. Not just in Tanzania, all over Africa, they still prefer Fetish Priest to a
    medical Dr plus you have these cray Pastors filling their heads with all
    kind of nonsense, the Ebola Crisis was a Prime example.

  10. Five men armed with machetes stormed a home in northwestern Tanzania last
    month, and ran off with one-year-old Yohana Bahati. Days later, the child
    was found dead, his limbs severed. He became the latest victim in a spate
    of murders of the country’s albino population…

  11. This is scientific proof that blacks gave birth to “white” people (aka
    “albinos”) who were then exiled from Africa to the North because they
    wren’t black. 

  12. I remember watching a documentary on Albino Africans about 5 years ago, it
    was quite disturbing. Parents were even sacrificing their kids.

  13. If Americans could get $75,000 for killing an albino here in the US, there
    would undoubtedly be some who would, even if they didn’t believe in the
    superstition. I think the money offered is a bigger issue here than the
    superstition in many ways. 

  14. Superstition, makes people believe stupid things so they’ll kill to use
    albino human body parts as medicine along with rhino horns and tiger
    penises for erectile dysfunction.

  15. I’m glad I don’t live in Tanzania. I don’t think I’m an albino, but I’m so
    pale its kind of a grey area.

  16. Kyle Thanks for highlighting this issue. The most oppressed group in the
    world today.

    I have been pondering and researching this atrocity for years now. I tried
    to get enough money and support to arrange a school and home in one of the
    cloudiest towns in the world. They also have sun allergies and die young.
    Teach them to be teachers and go back and theres your education program
    started. They have little education or understanding about their condition
    and no resources to avoid the sun. With their young lives out of the sun
    and/or taught what to avoid they live long relatively healthy lives. It
    will not work untill they live long enough to educate others. the project
    never happen not enough people cared.

    In the short term if a public figure like yourself started a kickstarter
    campaign for $500 rewards for each albino murders conviction. That would
    put up a big fight against this ignorance. I would go and staple up Wanted
    Posters all over. The organizations already there they would all plaster
    posters up everywhere. A years salary to expose these people. The people
    there do not have the resources. With $50k and a few plane tickets and
    hotel rooms and a shit load of posters and email and news campaign it would
    destroy the industry in human body parts.

  17. If the guy killed the white kid and then took the money and perhaps fed
    hundreds or thousands of people with it and saved their lives, or perhaps
    opened a hospital up with the money and once again saved thousands of
    peoples lives with the money, then would it be justified. Kill one life to
    save hundreds or thousands of other lives.

    Deanna Troi, Bridge Officer’s Test, The First Duty Is To The Ship.

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