Affordable High-Speed Broadband for All Americans

President Obama speaks on the need for affordable high-speed broadband for all Americans, and how certain small cities and towns are taking steps to lay a foundation for broadband access that…


  1. Faster broadband is nice but affordable broadband is needed. Where I live,
    there are only two major choices and both are fairly pricey. Heck, you have
    to bundle TV deals that are rarely used in my household just to keep the
    price of internet down and at a decent speed. There needs to either be more
    competition or a rule that forces ISPs to offer a base 10 MB/s connection
    at around the 25-35 dollar range. At least with 10 mb/s the average user
    could do most of what the Internet offers at a reasonable speed.

  2. Is it just me or….. does our President seem to be SUPER-HUMAN? he goes,
    goes and goes……when does he sleep? he’s always working 24/7, barely
    has time to eat or exercise and looks invincible. “yes I will have
    whatever he’s having….!” is it superfoods, super green-food shakes or
    what? can someone tell me P L E A S E?!

  3. I wish Obama (I would normally say “Obama and the Democrats” but the Dems
    don’t really seem to care about what their party leader wants) had made the
    effort to do these kinds of things (faster Internet, free community
    colleges, etc) before he had a whopping two years left in his term. I can’t
    help but think that it’s intentional; when all these initiatives fail
    (which they likely will), the Dems can blame it on the now-Republican
    Congress and then promise to do all these things if we vote for them. Then
    they’ll continue to do the same things that the Republicans do until they
    start losing again. Rinse and repeat.

  4. I was in a focus group measuring broadband strength during Obama’s first
    term. I assumed they was going to make the changes until I heard certain
    networks refused to upgrade because it was costly. What’s going to make
    these networks change? A law?

  5. Hey guys. I’m Brazillan. I understand nothing about american politics.
    But i wanna know from you guys. What do you really think about Obama?
    Is he a good president ? Ou do you think he’s lazy or something? Let me
    know! :)

  6. hahaha “through executive actions”. Man I just love the similarities
    between Bob Marley (also half white) and Obama. It took them years to get
    it through their thick sculls which believed far to much in the good of all
    people, how they are viewed and that only they themselves have respect for
    “everyone”. Thank God he’s stopped trying to be “nice”! Let your conscience
    be your guide and history be your judge.

    I HATE my internet and the LIE of 50mbps which is throttled after just 1
    min of continuous download/streaming to less than 5mbps. Save your 50Mbps
    bursts and give unthrottled internet. Do it!

  7. Affordable High-Speed Broadband for All Americans | Published on Jan 13,
    2015 |

    President Obama speaks on the need for affordable high-speed broadband for
    all Americans, and how certain small cities and towns are taking steps to
    lay a foundation for broadband access that rivals the most connected cities
    in the world.

    Please share!

  8. For one, i am glad someone is tackling this at government level, the
    highest office doing this is great!. Some of the, quite frankly pretty damn
    old laws and restrictions on broadband that were established when Ma’ Bell
    was the queen, needs to be looked at, and a large number of them simply
    need to be removed. Fiber optic cable needs to replace miles of coaxial
    cable, this should have been done by the end of the last century, not
    coming to completion in a city near me, again many antiquated rules,
    regulations and laws have to be examined, and the ones that do not fit into
    2015 or beyond, simply need to be stricken from the books. Infrastructure
    in this country has hit a brick wall, and in a lot of cases, is the worlds
    worst. With tech companies such as Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Intel, etc, we
    should not be lagging behind in this area at all, but, unfortunately we

  9. obama would be the best! if he : (feel free to add your own)

    solidified net neutrality
    legalize weed for recreational use over the age of 21
    abolish the penny

  10. I got you figured out Mr. President. You mean everybody but me. Me I’ll
    have to eat dog food and starve to death to pay for everybody else
    broadband, right? So I got to get out of this bigot country of no goods.
    And those Universities. What don’t you all admit it? They’ll give a retard
    a degree today. As long as your rich and pay for it with my illegal School
    tax with out representation. At the school meetings, they tell everybody
    else how they want to give them the most bang for their buck. Hows that
    apply to me? It don’t. People that go to college aren’t necessarily
    smarter. There just better cheaters and liars. So I guess I have to cut
    back on my dog food, so you fat Americans can be jealous of me being skinny
    to pay for your kids I pad and Netflix movies now. Me, I only get higher
    school taxes. I’m sick of all you American lies. Why I’m a YouTube partner,
    with good standing. And you, my Analytics. Say your no good. I make more on
    adasense in Africa by about 1000/1 over you greedy fat Americans. So stop
    subscribing to my channel America, I don’t need you, never did and never
    will. I wish you all get what’s coming to you. Amen. 

  11. ahahahahahaha look at Mr. Rodgers strolling into the shot…..”Hey
    everybody, we are in the oval office here!”


  12. Really? San Francisco? The heart of the Tech boom, home of hundreds of tech
    start-ups and its speed is slower than what’s that town again? 

  13. It’s funny (and sad) how these videos only get a couple of hundred views
    while the rest of youtube is exploding. It’s the same in Sweden. For
    example the Swedish Central Bank’s latest video has 13 views.

  14. I’ve heard a lot of crap coming out of the Govt talking about “faster
    internet” but actually only offering to end net neutrality while not
    increasing internet speeds at all. I hope this is legitimately offering to
    increase internet speeds by adding infrastructure and not just killing
    net-neutrality and turning the internet into tv/radio. :

  15. Apparently he didn’t get the message from Comcast. According to Comcast
    fewer companies make for more competition. Don’t try to figure out that
    logic. It doesn’t exist.

  16. Wow, if Obama had been this good before the mid terms, he wow have a house
    and senate majority! Really been stepping up to the plate.

  17. I’ll give him this man… He authentically seems to be trying to do
    something in this country as of recent. I wish the best of luck to him.

  18. Go Obama!!! No shot Mitt Romney would do something like this and to the
    Comcast executives that voted this video thumbs down all I can say is feel
    the wrath!!!

  19. Lets be very clear (to quote our President)…there is a lot more that goes
    into quality than internet than local broadband speed. First, the network
    is only as fast as the slowest point. That may be your local connection,
    it could be congestion in your area, and it could be congestion on
    interlinks between ISPs. (this is GROSSLY simplified).

    This concept the President is pushing that “broadband” speeds are better in
    Cedar Falls, or overseas, is a flawed concept to anyone who has even half
    an idea how the internet and computer networking really works. Ted Stevens
    was more technically accurate with his “series of tubes” comment than
    anything I saw presented in this video.

    And, as usual, a grand promise, with no real meat. So, thanks for the
    idea, Mr President, but last I checked, our inet is pretty solid for normal
    business use…lets do something about that debt first?

    Or will this be the “shovel ready” internet?

  20. Yo Obama hook me up with fast internet please the fastest speed I can get
    is 1.5 Mbps and its 40 dollars per month there is no more options. Help me
    k thanks bro

  21. Hallelujah, hallelujah, the day has come where Internet speed will become
    faster. Oh the possibilities of faster internet speeds. Why wait on
    something to buffer, the clock will not slow down so we must catch up. Also
    if president Barrack Obama sees this, I would like to say if something can
    be done about Comcast, a very controlling company in the sense that they
    have a monopoly. Competition is very weak against them and high broadband
    speeds are expensive. The Internet is one of the most powerful tools and
    inventions that has ever touched the face of this planet. You argue some
    others but my point is that the Internet holds the power of knowledge at
    your fingertips. We should work on getting this fast Internet speed to the
    homes of students as well. The learning does not stop with school and
    therefore homes should include it as well. PLEASE make sure to accomplish
    this task, this is all I ask of you Mr. President. It will lead the US to
    the highest ranks of the world. 

  22. Yea, We could really use that to improve the education of all
    community….NOT!…BRAIN-WASH. Yo! Boomer.
    this video buffer 10 time…:-(.

  23. I was completely up for thus until he said “through executive action.”.
    MR.OBAMA!! This is not how you run a country! Just because you don’t have a
    majority in congress does not mean you can now executive action everything
    you want done! There is a law making process for a reason!

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