Actress Convicted For Sending Obama Ricin-Laced Letters

“A Texas actress who tried to blame her husband after sending ricin-laced letters to officials including President Barack Obama was sentenced Wednesday to 18 years in prison. A federal judge…


  1. Actually this is a big story and EVERYBODY has heard about it.

    WTF are you talking about Cenk?

    Making shit up are we now Cenk?

  2. This shit happened over a Year Ago TYT. June 2013.. Shannon was arrested a
    year ago. Why is it just getting reported now? Is it because she just got
    indicted, since Cases take a long fuckin’ time to reach a sentence? lol

  3. More coverage on stories like this please, shed light on what we don’t hear
    in corporate media. I’d also be interested in a few more details in this
    case. How did she try to poison him? Was the Ricin in the envelope with the
    letter so he would breathe it in when opening? How did they find out then
    before opening?

  4. This video is blatant misinformation. This woman is a democrat. She sent
    ricin to the president to frame her husband as a right wing extremist, when
    ironically she is the left wing extremist sending real ricin to the
    president. Cenk can’t stand that those people are associated with his party
    so he has to propagandize his viewers into believing otherwise. Fox has
    covered this story many times, when it broke and recently when she was
    sentenced. I feel sorry for you lefties who are constantly being lied to. 

  5. 18 years? You should at least get life for trying to assassinate the
    president! WTF? Seriously she’s in Texas…Texans do what you do best and
    execute her!

  6. A while back ago, I did hear about an actress who sent letters laced with
    poison to the White House on the radio as I was driving back home. Then
    that was the last I heard of. They really did burried it.

  7. If a black man would have sent Ricin to Reagan, it would be national news
    and they would have clear out his entire neighborhood to find him. Remember
    people of color are naturally violent, and when a white person commits a
    horrible crime, it’s mental illness…

  8. I bet she watched a breaking bad episode and said “Wouldn’t it be cool if I
    could poison the president?”

  9. I can understand why any administration wouldn’t want to publicize an
    American terrorist. The real question is how is it that an independent
    journalists failed to make it a major story.

    Got to wonder about her thought process. It’s not like they didn’t have
    her name and address.

  10. She’s an example of method acting gone too far. If you’re studying up for a
    prison role, it might be best to dial it back a notch.

  11. That woman was not a “right winger” at all. She did it to set up her
    husband. She was a Democrat. Because people forget small facts like that
    they can lie and get away with it. Just another example of how TYT is
    another propaganda outlet that pushes the faux left-right paradigm. 

  12. I think this story wasn’t covered because its not interesting. No one was
    hurt, no one died. American media like fear mongering, and the people like
    blood and violence. If it doesn’t contain any of those things than it won’t
    be on air.

  13. When a Black person commits a crime they’re “Thugs” predisposed to violence.

    Hispanic commits a crime they’re “Illegals” by default. Check their
    immigration status. Deport their families.

    When an Arab-looking person commits a crime. Terrorists. Jihadists.

    When a white person commits a crime, all I hear are theories and
    speculation about his sad upbringing and mental health. 

  14. I’m surprised a white person hasn’t killed Obama yet, they;ve hated him the
    moment he won the Presidency because of his race…

  15. seen it last week on zergnet. Should’ve sent her ass to gitmo. For
    attempting to assassinate two and a half white men. The latter being the

  16. ofcourse…she is a woman…i am surprise she was convincted…i mean she
    tried to kill some men…feminists must see her as a hero

  17. Was John Hinckley Jr a terrorist?
    Was Lee Harvey Oswald a terrorist?
    Muslims don’t target one or a few people. They target a nation and it’s
    entire government. Big difference, Dummy.

  18. Ahaha, this shows how spineless these ultra right wing nutters are. They
    talk a big game, but put them in prison and they’re suddenly singing
    praises to the president. 

  19. Clearly is an incompetent. Ricin does not work that way. It can’t enter the
    bloodstream apart from getting injected DIRECTLY. And the intended victims
    DON’T OPEN THEIR OWN MAIL. They get so much they don’t have the TIME. It
    would have been some hapless intern, THAT IS IF IT SOMETHING THAT COULD

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