A Message From Lindsey Graham. I QUIT!

The Republican primary field just became a little less crowded, Senator Lindsey Graham has announced that he will be leaving the race for President in 2016. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola of The Young Turks discuss. Did you predict Sen. Lindsey Graham would drop out so quickly? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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“Senator Lindsey Graham, a respected conservative voice on defense and foreign policy issues, dropped out of the 2016 Republican presidential race on Monday after months of barely registering in opinion polls.

Graham struggled to gain traction in a crowded Republican field dominated by front-runner Donald Trump, and he faced the potentially embarrassing prospect of being trounced in the Feb. 20 primary in his home state of South Carolina.

Graham, an early and staunch advocate of using U.S. ground troops against Islamic State, said his long-shot campaign had made headway in influencing the party’s debate on the conflict.

“I got into this race to put forward a plan to win a war that we cannot afford to lose, and to turn back the tide of isolationism that was rising in our party. I believe we’ve made enormous progress in this effort,” he said in a video posted on YouTube.”


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A Message From Lindsey Graham. I QUIT!

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  1. More boots on the grounds! Do these idiots know these boots are filled with human feet and a human body above those feet?

  2. Would you cover Rand Paul positively for the 2020 campaign Cenk?     (I assume the republicans do not run Trump and lose vs. Hillary in -16)

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA.. You guys make more fun of this clown than Rush Limbaugh could ever do. STRONG WORK Cenk, as always//..

  4. Lindsey Ghram: oh my, I do declare this presidential race is far too dizzying for my fair and delicate skin, you see.

  5. OMG ! The RINO loser Lindsay Graham who only held 1% of the base in polling before dropping out of the Presidential race is now endorsing another dead horse who holds 4% in latest polling .. ha ha ha ha ha Sorry Jebby Bush, you're TOAST … go to the jelly isle please !

  6. As stupid and pathetic as Lindsay Graham is, he still would have made a better president that Hussein 0bama

  7. Its as if these talking head politician has had his brains sucked out of his head and they replaced it with a slug…

  8. Agree with him or not, Graham was the last person in the race who has served in uniform. These two clowns mocking him is pretty gross and affront to civil political discourse in this country. Sad.

  9. I dislike your channel, only because you guys show republicans. Show substance and what you believe in. People forget quick..

  10. This goes out to all the pathetic progressive liberal dreamers. Bernie "soapbox" Sanders couldn't get nominated president of the kosher pickle Association… Nevermind the United States of America… And that goes for Hillary Clinton too… Liberalism is a dying breed… Donald Trump president 2016

  11. I don' know if Cenk is naive or just so partisan he can't see his party's side in "the establishment". Hillary represents "the establishment" more so than any of the republican candidates. Trump is basically the only one that stands out, hence his appeal. Hillary will be business as usual just as Obama was business as usual apart from a couple of moves forward. I appreciate Cenk more so when he is critical of both sides part in the mess we're in instead of "playing ball" with the Dems to help keep them in power.

  12. You know things are bad when Lindsey Graham is one of the more sane candidates. No surprise that Trump took advantage of yet another opportunity to be a dick.

  13. The "Obama Doctrine of leading from behind"? As opposed to the "Bush Doctrine of illegal preemptive wars that help put the USA into unsustainable levels of debt that will be pushed to the taxpayers"? Not sure why any rational human being would support this party. I guess I answered my own question – none of them are rational.

  14. I'm actually a little bummed, just because Mr. Graham was a pretty straight-forward guy about what he wanted to do; furthermore, and most important, he was very, VERY anti-Trump. I think the way he spoke out against Trump is the most important thing he did in his entire campaign. We need more people to block Trump! He is a danger to America, and opposition from within his party is important in preventing Fascism from taking hold in the United States. Shame that there's one less vocal anti-Trump guy out in the public eye.

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