A CLOSER LOOK at FBI Boston Marathon Bombing False Flag

Here Is A CLOSER LOOK at the FBI Boston Bombing False Flag

Christopher Greene of AMTV takes a closer look at the official narrative of the Boston bombing cover-up espoused by the mainstream media and government officials. Clearly, there have been many holes and changes to the official narrative over the past few days and we now know Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was not armed at the shootout in Watertown according to officials. Also, there has been zero follow-up on the involvement of what appears to be government contracted agents from Craft International. Was the late Chris Kyle’s company Craft International directly involved in the bombing itself or simply staged to look that way? The American people deserve answers and there is enough corroborating evidence and probable cause to justify a third-party investigation of this tragic event.


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Alex Jones raises ‘false flag’ conspiracy after Boston Marathon bombings

The Lookout – Tuesday, April 16, 2013

of a “Family Guy” episode that he claimed “predicted” the Boston Marathon attack.? Alex Jones raises ‘false flag’ conspiracy after Boston Marathon bombings – Yahoo! News (blog)

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