7 Sunscreen Facts That Will Save Your Skin

Summer is here, which means it’s beach season. But do you know what SPF to use? Did you know spray-on lotion may be bad for you? Be safe out there beach bums. Anyhoo loves fun facts, pop…


  1. Does the same approach apply to people of color and what I mean is, black
    people. There aren’t many products out there advertising that this product
    is a universal product. 

  2. So I stopped using sunscreen about 10 years ago. I get significantly less
    sunburns, and when I get them, they are nowhere near as bad as they used to
    get. I think just knowing your limits on sun exposure is way more helpful
    than blocking all sun, period. Especially since you need Vitamin D, which
    only naturally comes from the sun. If this ginger can do it, so can you!

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