[517] Senate Rejects Science, Fraccidents Across US & Eco-terrorist Entrapment

Abby Martin Breaks the Set on Senate’s Climate Denialists, Fraccidents Across US, Eco-terrorist Entrapment & The Danger of Competition. LIKE Breaking the Set @ http://fb.me/JournalistAbbyMartin…


  1. Still don’t buy all this climate change horseshit, sorry. There is an old
    george Carlin routine on climate change/ global warming. Also, the earths
    temperatures are actually cooling. Look it up,dont take my word for it!

  2. RT figures everything out ten years late . The climate change hoax designed
    to institute a carbon tax to track your every move and tax you by the mile
    and take away your freedom should be obvious by now. No movement to go
    after big polluters. The problem is you trying to drive your car to work.
    You are the problem. ALL their climate models failed. The Earth has been
    steadily cooling for fifteen years. That is why they had to change it from
    global warming to climate change. If you still trust this treasonous
    government I really can’t help you. Do your own research. The MSN is fake.

  3. Heffernan’s points about collaboration and generosity are very important
    and fly, with both science and our own common experience them up, in the
    face of the simple libertarian notion that “competition breeds innovation.”
    In the words of Peter Joseph, who’s been interviewed on this show as well
    (and I believe it was actually in one of those interviews that he said —
    and I paraphrase), humans are competitive when they need to be, but we’re
    also cooperative. There is no single human nature, and to base an entire
    socioeconomic model on one single behavior — competition — is ultimately
    destructive both to ourselves and to the world around us because it
    purposely ignores other behaviors that are just as natural, and in many
    case even more natural, than mere competition.

  4. Dear Abby,

    [517] I would LOVE if you could convey scientific accuracy (and do Jon
    Stewart one-better), but, you aren’t there yet. YOU claim that
    temperatures rising contribute to melting ice-caps – it’s the other way
    around – we add heat (even if we DIDN’T add heat, but something else is
    doing it, it’s happening, as the ‘salient’ point – heat, being
    added)…ice-caps then melt, and, consequently, temperatures aren’t
    moderated like they otherwise would be.

    OTHER than obstinancy, I don’t quite-know why THESE points prove to be SO
    intractable from all-media-platforms correcting themselves on – would SEEM
    to point to unseen space-aliens conspiracies, putting-the-screws to mass
    media to MISREPRESENT such points, or else there will be consequences?

    (Struggling to fathom, otherwise, how such a BASIC causality point resists
    correction – you realize that rocks and feathers fall at the same rate in a
    vacuum? (Not a reference to a Hoover, nor, electric-broom) More
    basically, you DO know that a pound of rocks and a pound of feathers weighs
    the same?)

    be well,


    Copyleft Shaul Ben-Yimini January 23, 2015

  5. If they expect anyone to cut back on anything the very first people to cut
    back have to be the Rich & how they transport themselve’s & how many houses
    they own because all of that cost’s us all far more in the Environment than
    us so as soon as they give up all of there convenience’s we’ll look into
    cutting back otherwise this is bullshit understand!

  6. please refer to suspicious0bservers youtube. Its not human, its the sun.
    The implications of that statement are vast. This is BS. I can Promiss you
    this has to do with the sun. The reason they don’t want to tell the truth
    is because then you wake up. you learn about what the sun is and its
    electrical properties. This changes everything we know and unlocks the
    esoteric and the biblical, and undoubted your consciousness. 

  7. 97% of the hand picked scientist agree.

    you can get any result you want by manipulating questions and asking the
    “right people”.

    That 97% of scientist is not a result of 100% of all scientist in the
    country. Not even close. Not even half way close. For every scientist that
    says climate change is man made I can give you one who says BULLSHIT.
    I CAN CRAFT A POLL TO GET 97% to DISSAGREE with man made climate change.
    Fuck right the fuck off with this horse shit. Abby, dont believe tha hype. 

  8. Of course it is exacerbated by Human’s but for some reason people don’t
    look at Earth’s temperature record themselve’s if you did you would realize
    we left the last mini-ice age in 1850(the end of the Dalton Minimum) about
    when it started to warm up slowly as it is supposed to & will continue to
    for 4-7 more degree’s before shifting back down again Earth does this it
    alway’s has.

  9. If every person on earth congregated together it would fit in new jersey.
    The whoele rest of the earth vacant. That small area is the cause of the
    natural cycle aka climate change, (since the global warming was a FAILURE)?
    7billion sounds alot but you have no comprehension of the size of the earth
    then. 2015 and there are millions of unfound species on this planet. You
    cannot claim to understand size and claim to think people are at some
    blame. With out high powered optics you would not even see that the earth
    had people on it at all from L.E.O.(space).
    You can give Al Gore your money for the right fart and breath but I say
    fuck off and anyone who has a brain and ACTS instead of REACTS and talks
    shit based on EMOTION and FEAR. Fucking sheep. 

  10. This is sick. What pieces of garbage people are under the guise of
    authority. I sure as fuck know I won’t have any part in any of this
    bullshit. I’d rather do adult porn.

  11. Abby, water also expands when FROZEN. ice expands. Climate change is real,
    the earth has its,own cycles regardless of people and has enured mega mega
    MEGA disasters worse than you can imagine and it always recovers. It is an
    ecosytem capable of repairing itself. PEOPLE are NOT responsible. Global
    Warming was a FAILURE and the changed the semantics because there is NO
    PROOF people are to blame for the earths NATURAL CYCLE. We are merely at
    its mercy and government either dont like it or are FEARMONGERING as usual
    to pass legislation that will make them RICH. Paying Al Gore a tax for COW
    FARTS will not fix climate change. This is NOT WHY AL GORE INVENTED THE

    All statistics, if you dont exclude results not conducive to your agenda,
    show global cooling more prevalent than warming over the last 100 years.
    Scientist that show the opposite of the libtard/government agenda are
    excluded from discussion and their findings are excluded from news reports
    and political discussion.

    I expect more from you Abby, I adore you and am still waiting for that
    date!!! The sheer skirt your wearing here shows your gorgeous legs nicely.
    Well done. 

  12. Dear Abby,

    [517] Gary Larson took correction as to he had mixed Arctic polar-bears
    with Antarctic penguins, on an ice-floe (by-which he admitted how contrived
    THAT would be, animal-wise, NOT in-terms of ice-floes, as
    real)…nonetheless, by the implication of what YOU are saying, THAT should
    be a scientific impossibility!!

    What you said was ‘due to the fact that water expands when heated’
    (charitably, PERHAPS you think it’s only WATER when liquid?) (In science
    it’s ALL water – solid, liquid, vapour/gas – whether termed vapour/gas has
    to do with surroundings.)

    Follow your logic (goes back to Archimedes, and an apochryphal story about
    a bath – not getting any ideas, though you have a Russian sailor theme
    outfit – you look very nice – I ‘object’ only if you are either attiring to
    try to carve-out more ratings, or, are being directed so-to-do) IF water
    expands when heated (categorically) – and remember, ICE is ALSO water, then
    ICE WOULD BE more contracted (more dense) than water – THEN it would SINK,
    not FLOAT – and hence, no ice-floes. (Obviously salinity of water involved
    as ALSO an issue – OBVIOUSLY icebergs as going to have a RANGE of salinity
    within each berg.)

    Here’s the FYI on water (probably has something to do with geometry of
    molecule – and energy states – a question for Linus Pauling)…at
    ‘standard’ pressure, it’s DENSEST at 4 degrees Celsius – WHY if you put
    tap-water in a glass and then into your freezer, and leave it, chances are
    it will EXPAND and CRACK the glass.

    (But YOU said water, when heated, expands!!) (Which WOULD imply that the
    water ABOVE the freezing point would be MORE expanded than the ice, but,

    THEREFORE, as to determining ocean-levels, the ICE is LESS efficient,
    in-terms-of-storing mass-per-volume, than water at 4 degrees Celsius (so as
    the ice-caps melt, and SOME local equilibrium of water will be at 4
    degrees, SOME increased efficiency, that way, will obtain), BUT, of-course,
    insofar that you aren’t deeming the ICE as any longer WATER and PART of the
    ocean (a BIT of an anthropomorphic measure, ocean-levels, that way),
    OTHERWISE the OCEAN level would be at the PEAK of the ice-berg –
    in-which-case, as ice-caps MELT, the LEVEL of the ocean (in that area)
    would FALL, when ICE it’s treated like THAT water is REMOVED from
    consideration as to being PART of the ocean – as floating, on-top.

    Be-all-that-as-it-may-be (and, by ALL means run-by others – as to ‘peer’
    review – what I claim here – I don’t think my antics are more theatrical
    than Richard Feynman’s post-Challenger) – I would STRONGLY encourage that
    you STOP focussing on TEMPERATURE as what counts, RATHER than quantity
    (globally) of ICE – AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN, your (or that of others)
    scientific literacy SHOULD focus on what’s the difference between a THERMAL
    equilibrium and what a TEMPERATURE equilibrium is.

    We DON’T have a thermal equilibrium (hence, why the ice caps are RECEDING –
    locally returning, but, not to the same levels – as per waxing-and-waning,
    the earth’s season tilt, and transit around the sun – the MOON’s impact on
    the Earth as PROBABLY neglected, as well, from sufficient consideration),
    but, we DO have a comparative temperature equilibrium – YES, locally, there
    are going to be variations, but, what THOSE are about is trying to
    establish equilibrium – which happens, at the EXPENSE of the ICE!!

    The fact that you state that heating and expansion go hand-in-hand tells me
    you DON’T understand that it’s a NON-LINEAR relationship vis-a-vis STATE
    changes, and THAT’s what’s at the VERY point regarding temperature
    equilibriums compared with thermal equilibriums, as per the concepts.

    The short-form rebuttal (demonstrating why I’m right in what I’m chastising
    you on) is that if you think that things are bad NOW (as to where we have
    ‘only’ a LACK of a thermal equilibrium, but, a comparative temperature
    equilibrium) just-you-wait UNTIL that ice is completely gone (or, at such
    levels as to NO longer be systemically a factor – one might imagine an
    ice-cube in the oceans, and that being a drop-in-the-bucket –
    inconsequential) and THEN watch what the LACK of a temperature equilibrium
    (we’re not there, yet) REALLY looks like – like, the furnace is on, but, NO
    more ice, left, to melt and offset as-much.

    (You MIGHT introduce your audience to the CONCEPTS (not merely terminology)
    of equilibria, thermal (heat) versus temperature, and ALSO wean folk away
    from considering TEMPERATURE instead of ice-levels.)

    be well,


    Copyleft Shaul Ben-Yimini January 23, 2015

  13. the pope says climate change is real, then 3 days later this senate says
    climate change is real. coincidence right? of-course they reject science,
    they only think its real because of the pope ffs.

  14. Capitalism is never going to work no matter what people believe.
    Its always about the money 1st, you would not last in this “Game” otherwise.
    Im sorry to break the reality to you but Capitalism was not ment to cure
    cancer or create peace of any kind “War is a Racket by Smedly D Butler and
    always has been.
    Capitalism is a system of explotation and genocide,just look at the world
    as it is today and way back when “slavery” has giving itself a new name
    called “Freedum”
    Do i need to post read Adam Smiths own words about the invisible hand?
    She leaves out intrinsic human needs, fear and man made scarcity as a
    factor in all of this Dog eat Dog.
    The mind,the body and environment are one just so people know and it’s not
    rocket science.
    I also want to say laws or rules dont stop people from getting needs met,If
    you think other wise you are dummer then flys on shit ” to anybody”
    Robert Sapolsky has a video on game theory,Its worth the watch.
    youtube “Alan Alda with Robert Sapolsky from stanford university Extended”
    Abby, you know Peter Joesph is on point,till they all understand nothing
    will change much if at all.

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