4/2 GOP Leadership Press Conference


  1. America Has Been Handed Over to a Financial Dictatorship!

    Upon the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, Benjamin Franklin was
    asked, “Well, Doctor, what have we got…a Republic or a Monarchy?” and he
    answered, “A Republic…if you can keep it.” How prophetic!
    The U.S. Constitution was created and designed by our nation’s 56 founding
    fathers to promote just six goals, as follows: (1) form a more perfect
    union, (2) establish justice, (3) insure domestic tranquility, (4) provide
    for the common defense, (5) promote the general welfare, and (6) secure the
    blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.
    At this moment in our history, to argue that the United States of America
    is a deluded and failed state is plausible. A nation that has the highest
    documented prison population in the world can hardly be described as
    domestically tranquil. A nation whose top one percent of the people control
    46 percent of the wealth cannot by any stretch of the imagination be said
    to be enjoying general welfare. A nation that spends as much on defense as
    the rest of the world combined and cannot control its borders, could not
    avert the attack on the World Trade Center, and cannot win its recent major
    wars after six long years cannot be described as providing for its common
    A nation that cannot fulfill its Constitution’s stated goals surely is a
    failed one. How else could failure be defined? By allowing private
    interests (the United States Federal Reserve System and its bank
    shareholders) to have complete control of our economy with no demonstrable
    patriotic loyalty to the nation or its people, whose elected
    representatives should have retained control this financial Medusa, and by
    allowing them to disregard entirely the Constitution’s preamble, the nation
    could not avoid this failure. Our prevailing economic system always should
    have required Congressional oversight.
    Woody Guthrie once sang, “This Land Is My Land, This Land Is Your Land,”
    but it isn’t. It was stolen a long time ago. Although it may have been
    “made for you and me,” people with absolutely no loyalty to this land now
    own it…I’m talking about the FED, the bankers, lobbyists for the
    multinational corporations supported by the FED System and the media…all
    special interest profiteers at the expense of our good people. Remember,
    the FED is NOT part of our government and it is NOT a Federal System…it’s a
    private monopolistic bank with indirect foreign ownership. Our country
    needs to be re-taken, not bought, back! America needs a new birth of
    freedom, it needs a government for the people, it needs a government that
    puts its people first, but it won’t get one unless Americans come to
    realize just how immoral and vicious our current economic system is.
    The economist and popular monetary lecturer of the 1970s and ’80s, Dr.
    Stuart Crane, left nothing to the imagination in his vivid description of
    the inner workings leading up to the Great Crash of ’29 fomented by…you
    guessed it…the FED…the same one who has looted most of our national
    treasury in the past two years. His intriguing narrative is worth repeating
    (emphasis in parentheses, provided):
    “In 1925, ’26, ’27 the Federal Reserve started its first real money game.
    Up until this time they were still cautious and hadn’t really gotten the
    feel of things. They decided it was time to play round one of the milk
    game. What they did was they bid up stocks and up they were
    going(meteoric). You start bidding up stocks a little, up limit, up limit,
    up limit, and the little guys were watching this take off and saying, ‘Hey,
    let’s go buy some.’ And they go and buy a little. And they start making
    easy money, then pretty soon they’re doubling up with 10 percent down,
    margin for the 90 (gambling). But they’re making millions (they think).
    Every time stocks move up with a 10% rise they double their money (even
    riskier gambling). The only problem is that the opposite is true when
    stocks come down. It’s great on the upswing and it’s disaster on the way
    down. But for four years this game of pushing up stocks is played with the
    pundits declaring, ‘There’s no end, there’s no horizon, it’s going to last
    forever!’ ”
    “In March 1929 there was a little meeting in New York. After that meeting,
    Bernard Baruch sells out [of (his) stocks], the Rockefeller’s sell out, the
    Kennedy’s sell out, all the big bankers sell out and the big people were
    out by August (the crash was in late October). Then the Federal Reserve cut
    the money supply four times in a month with four drastic reductions of the
    money supply. Then one day in October the banks called all their loans on
    all their margins in a minute (loans made to speculators using their
    purchased stocks as collateral…, in other words, a legal pyramiding
    scheme). Every bank on the money desk – and these were call loans, callable
    on demand – all these people had their stock on margin borrowing 90% and
    they had to pay off now.”
    “Well they went to the banks and the banks and they were calling (calling
    in their loans). They run to the market and everyone’s trying to sell, who
    can buy? The banks (controlled by the same FED as today) had shut their
    loans off, the call (loan) desks were closed, the windows were slammed
    down. They shut all the money off and all these people were running around
    trying to sell; they had to sell 10% down and they were wiped out. All the
    people who weren’t on the inside were gone.”(and, today, non-insiders are
    virtually gone) [Dr. Stuart Crane, New Brighton, Pa., lecture, 1981]
    Today, as proposed by the Obama Administration, the very same unelected,
    unaccountable, non-recallable, highly secretive, non-government,
    privately-owned and Constitutionally unmentioned U.S. Federal Reserve
    System is to be granted more financial dictatorial power than ever which is
    the antithesis of what America needs. In essence, America is being handed
    over to a financial dictatorship…the same oligarchy who got us into this
    current mess. This will make the Fed even more unaccountable than it
    already is. We Americans will be faced with across-the-board problems and
    more secrecy from this privately owned bank.
    It is now proposed by President Obama that the Fed will be the “systemic
    risk regulator and supervisor” of the too-big-to-fail institutions,
    although those same institutions own the FED. I call that incestuous. The
    FED will continue to supply liquidity to save its own shareholders, not the
    taxpaying citizens and workers of our country. Under the Obama plan a
    council of regulators will be created to replace the President’s Working
    Group on Financial markets. That group will be chaired by the Treasury, but
    with advisory powers only. That means the power to manipulate all markets
    without interference will be solely left to the FED. They would be able to
    make any market in the world what they want it to be. There are no free
    markets now! I hope you understand this! The FED would have full fascistic
    economic control once known to pre-war Italy and Germany. This would give
    the FED’s owners the opportunity to totally loot what’s left of the
    American economic system and the American public purse.

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