25 Of The Bloodiest And Most Disastrous Massacres In United States History

Whether it involves already surrendered soldiers or unarmed civilians, you are about to experience 25 of the bloodiest and most disastrous Massacres in United States history. .


  1. Woah this is actually crazyy! Kinda sad though…
    I make skate videos which is completely off topic but some of you may like

  2. Why no Sandcreek massacre? That has to be one of the worst, by far, maybe
    even worthy of number 1 on this list

  3. The Goliad massacre was something Santa Anna wanted to kill the entire
    force to be put down, because he knows, Texas was taken by the American
    Empire, because of false democracy, being the weapon to weaken the Mexican
    state, at the time being the largest in the Americas. In time, American
    imperialists will kill Latinos for capital tyranny, forced labor and
    creating a financial empire in Mexico, taking away the rights and freedom
    not only the Mexicans but the Latinos who are majorly democratic and strict
    of the constitution, being the most important for each nation to follow.
    The Latinos will retake what was lost by the American Empire. Like Ukraine
    and other nations being taken by great powers, Latin America will be united
    and taking back what was lost, will be taken back, as long as we believe
    what we fight for is faith. The Americas belongs not to American
    imperialists who are mostly gringos. The land will be taken by diversity,
    who are the true rulers to govern the continent.

  4. Sand Creek Massacre and Wounded knee Massacre… I am shocked you did not
    put these on here. Kinda fucked up to be honest.. 

  5. Would have liked to see the Wilde’s Family Massacre on here. I’m not sure
    how many people were killed, but it was the last massacre by Native
    Americans against settlers on American soil… Yet no one has heard about
    it… 🙁 But it was my family! 

  6. Fort Pillow description is misleading as both White and Black Union solders
    were killed. Also Fort Pillow was not exclusively a massacre but rather a
    mix of battle and shooting of unarmed soldiers.

  7. The deadliest attack by a single person was caused by a bomb made from

    The second deadliest happened in the 1920’s.

    Guns aren’t the problem.

  8. I don´t know where list25 got their facts but what it comes to these racial
    massacres and “fights” the official reports only show only
    white casualties which is a thing to keep in mind.

  9. You forgot a massacre sir.
    N°1 The settlement and expand of the United states: A series of countless
    massacres perpetuated by the French, English and then the US government
    against countless natives of America. Over 6 Millions deaths and the US
    government not accepting the fact that they organised and comitted a

  10. Do the evolution – Pearl Jam. Basically sums up this video and humans. The
    animations are also very well done. 

  11. the description is a bit worrying “you are about to experience 25 of the
    bloodiest and most disastrous Massacres in United States history.”

  12. As some have said, I’m surprised Columbine, Sandcreek, and Kent State
    aren’t on here. Those were some pretty famous/atrocious acts. Again, all of
    these lists are subjective, though, and I was well informed about some that
    I may not have known about. I’m just kinda shocked those 3 weren’t

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