1776 Spreads World Wide

The right to self defense is gaining popularity in Mexico as citizens are fighting back against cartels. Cartels who attained some of their arms from the Justice Department under operation…


  1. Many Australians are waking up to the lies fed to us by the Government in
    1996 after the Port Arthur Massacre, which led to gun control.
    Real people ask “Why do we have more murders, rapes, home invasions &
    violent crime since gun control?”, the fools always say “Statistics say
    actually Australia is the most peaceful place in the world to live in….”.
    The fact is, gun control just makes a criminal’s job easier.

  2. ON POINT ALEX!!! MESSIANIC AGE IN THE WORKS! depopulation soon of the
    past. More Unity in the present and Humans all over the cosmos in the

  3. It would be hard to prove that some of those guns from the Fast and Furious
    haven’t got into the hands of the Mexican freedom fighters.Sometimes a bad
    thing can turn into a good thing.Send letters of thank you to Mr “I don’t

  4. … did o-bum-a’s speech have [ S U B L I M I N A L ] message for Mexico
    to attack the American people ??? because ” The American people have
    guns …”
    wake up Mexico …. o-bum-a is using you …

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