13 year old GIRL Delivers THE BEST SPEECH EVER at Donald Trump Rally Arizona Phoenix SUPER FUNNY ✔

GIRL Delivers THE BEST SPEECH EVER at Donald Trump Rally Arizona Phoenix ✔ Also very funny! MAGA!

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  1. That helps restore my faith in the ability of our youth to see what is right and what is wrong even in the face of the adverse liberal progressive democrat leaning educators in our grade schools and universities.

  2. Michelle Obama refers to her daughters as "beautiful young black women". Just imagine if Trump refered to his family as "beautiful White children". Talk about double standards!!!!!

  3. Nice to see a young healthy looking white blonde girl full of pride with a bright mind supporting Trump.
    Seems like the liberals & communists have failed to make her into a leftist drone like a lot of college students are today with no opinion of their own, just pass on the distorted truth and marxist lies that their teacher and friends say and their news from degenerate promoting medias like (((buzzfeed))) and Clinton News Network (owned by (((Time Warner))) who has donated to the Clinton Campaign) and today's filthy journalists, 96% of them has donated to the lying and corrupt Clinton campaign also!). I believe Trump will win even with this rigging and corrupting against him! GET OUT AND VOTE! EVEN IF YOU LIVE IN COMMIEFONIA!
    Hail this beautiful young "lady"! She's a great speaker already!

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