Please accept Brief 101 on Wilbur Ross, U.S. Commerce Secretary and former Serco investment banker at N M Rothschild, whose Greek Life Kappa Beta Phi associates allegedly hired a hit team at B.C. pig-farm raves hosted by Piggy Palace Good Times Society (1996-2002) to kill BBC Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando with a Remington 9mm “short” bullet outside her Fulham home in London on 26 April 1999.

Kelly 101: Wilbur’s Greek Life Serco Pig-Farm Dando, BBC Demon Bridge, CAI Bin Laden War Room

McConnell alleges that Serco shareholders including their handlers in the UK Cabinet Office and N M Rothschild had Ms. Dando killed because her Crimewatch investigators threatened to expose the BBC’s use of Demon face recognition software and Greek Life face books to blackmail pedophiles on the federal bridge certification authority and conceal the London and New York bases of the Bin Laden crime group.

McConnell alleges that Ross structured a recent rights issue where Greek Life insiders of the Teachers (TIAA) pension fund allegedly extorted fellow shareholders into providing Serco with additional working capital needed to maintain its role as a private military company (PMC) and deploy pig-farm pimps and actors in the various long-range arson, murder-for-hire, child-pornography and black-market organ trades.

McConnell alleges that Serco shareholders embedded Demon face recognition software in the federal bridge network so the likes of IP lawyer Michelle Obama and patent lawyer Hillary Clinton could track actors, weapons and product (Remington bullet for JFK and Jill Dando?) through crime scenes such as the B.C. pig farm where pimps kept the body parts of up to 50 women, murdered between 1996 and 2002, in the pig-farm freezer.

McConnell alleges that Ross’s Greek Life associates including Hillary and Bill Clinton and Michelle and Barack Obama have been extorting protection money from the Teachers’ fellow shareholders in Serco including the government of Saudi Arabia and nine Global Custodians – Northern Trust, BNY Mellon, JP Morgan, State Street, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, Société Generale and UBS – with over US$82 trillion of assets in custody.

McConnell alleges that Ross hired Greek Life Special Investors in the CAI Private Equity Group including John MacArthur, former dean of the Harvard Business School, to operate the Bin Laden Group war rooms on the 25th Floor of the Salomon Brothers Building with the CIA, IRS and DOD on 9/11.

Needless to say evidence for a Bin Laden war room in the Salomon Building was destroyed shortly after the BBC announced its collapse about 20 minutes before BBC reality TV showed the actual collapse!


  1. The last video cut off before I heard your prayer for Trump's protection, but I know it would have been heartfelt and heard clearly. Thank you so much.

  2. Regarding the Las Vegas tragedy, I believe SERCO is involved. Why? Well, one clue is, they have used Stephen Paddock as their "patsy!" In his profile it's listed that he worked for Lockheed Martin as their auditor! He found something out … maybe even this Las Vegas deal … and maybe was going to report it. At any rate, when I heard where he worked, first thing I thought of was SERCO! Then CIA, GHW BUSH, OBAMA'S, CLINTON'S, V. JARRETT, B. DORHNE, K. MARCY et al!!!

  3. Hi Abel Danger crew! I pray all are safe after the latest " massive gun attack",.
    I am assuming after listening to many sources that may not have been coerced., that this also could be another. Snuff film"?
    I heard that there were many cameras in and around the supposed shooter.

  4. Field, My daughter in law is from Texas and her father was a Pilot for the Military he also was an artist and made some very beautiful Bust of the heads of several Presidents which are on display but I am not sure exactly where they are on display in Texas. Her father dropped dead of a heart attack in front of her when she was young and to this day she believes for some reason he was eliminated. Also, Her grandparents were in the Oil business and my daughter in law claims her grandmother who is recently deceased knew some information on the death of JFK but refused to talk about it. Just thought I would share this info as I find it very interesting and was wondering if you possibly knew a Colonel Harlow from Springfield Texas. Happy Birthday Field. One other thing…my daughter in law could not understand to this day as to why the Military returned her father to the front door cremated and in a black box later after his body was taken away. Ive never heard of the Military doing such. She told me that her twin brother, herself and mother
    went to a cemetary and dug a hole and buried the box. She still has dreams and strange nightmares about his death.

  5. heads up 4 Vancouver area Helicopter circling region for past 5 hours 2nite 10/3/17
    are we on high alert 4 sumting ? <3 gbd

  6. Hi Field and David, what do you know about this woman and why does she mention you? Are you OK? I don't understand any of what she's talking about.
    see Karen Hudes show from today 10/3.

  7. Happy Birthday wishes! Mine is coming and I'm amazed to see another one! Thank you gentlemen for all you do, you seem to be the closest thing to heroes I've ever seen in my life. I just wish more had courage.

  8. The only thing left to talk about is why isn't Jeffy marijuana Sessions FIRED ????😠😠😠😠
    this wood BIG pharma & the privatised prisons lobby is covering for the Satanist pedophile child killers !!!😠😠😠
    this POS wants HERO Julian Assange in jail !!!😠😠😠😠
    & cancer patients smoking marijuana !
    Jeffy marijuana Sessions should be shot in the F##@&% head with the PEDOPHILE Satanist by the military tribunal.

  9. You are just mentioning Malaysia. As I sit here working on my state Supreme Court Motion For Review, I got thinking about Regina Ross Roundtree in New Britain. Alot of oddities about that facebook friend. For instance, her voter registry is Elizabeth Roundtree or Erin Elizabeth Roundtree – when the mayor of New Britain is Erin Elizabeth Stewart AND I think Roundtree is trying to run against her in the same party – and using dirty tactics – OR – some technocrats are trying to divide and conquer on internet. Anyway, Regina is flying to Malaysia as I type this comment. I wonder what for. I am not sharing this comment to add to my blog. I did inform Mayor Erin Stewart about how her name shows in the voter list. Even though, TaxServe in Hartford erroneously claimed I owed City of New Britain almost $4,000 for unpaid auto taxes whis is a bunch of BS and even said I owed taxes on a car that was totaled a year AFTER it was totaled, etc. All completely false. My car was reposessed when I was homeless and let a woman take her daughter somewhere – and that woman was on admin leave working for an attorney but of course she was making a crap load of money for him by being a stooge in the shelter. Right after she drove my car back, my car was seized for not having something up to date. I had just started working and was bound to make good on it. I was homeless because my prior landlord (a group of Satanic attorneys in the Newtown, CT area) poisoned my drinking water with lead, causing the lead leach from copper piping, as the city described because the PH was too high. I had a mild heart attack. So they had to get rid of me and illegally evicted me through the help ofa scumbag judge who refused fair use and value in court for me to sustain my rights. A murderer was in that shelter. It was a horrible experience. Life has been hell. I have to get this Motion For Review on the Appellate Court DISMISSING my last motion. Only time a motion/action can be dismissed is for lack of diligence. There was no lack of diligence by me and they would not have a hearing as I requested since they failed to articulate ANYTHING. January 30, 20l5, I send a letter to my landlord telling them that my first rent check was cancelled and a replacement was issued for the new Section 8 amount. They were wrongfully charging me $50/mo for storage fee when it was supposed to be reported to the administrator of Section 8 to determine my rent. Voila, they get state police to show up in the hallway of my floor as I left my apartment and they assaulted and arrested me, making up lies. They even forced me in prison, would not allow me to see a bondsman, saying "You made your one call" – which was to an FBI agent I know and also told him that I was assaulted. My shoulder was impinged. My knees were very sore also, from the abuse they gave me, forcingme in the paddy wagon while it was snowing, refusing the managment to get my coat for me out ofmy apartment, yet management was very anxious to take my purse, which I said no to. They said they would hold on to it for me because they knew I would be right back (I started smelling fish when I saw the two blue light specals in my hallway) …The absence of evidence is evidence of absence. They were the ones were squeeling because I said I wanted trial by jury. NONE of my motions were heard, except my fee waivers which were denied. I was just at the law library yesterday and the attorney firm I removed from the case had their dirtbag sitting at a table staring at me as I walked into the law library. I even told the librarian when I was talking to her about dismissing motions – not cases. wtf I have to get moving because when I faxed a letter to the chief disciplinary counsel, the court backdated their dismissal and popped it in my mail box the next day – after all judges teach at Yale. But they backdated it to the 20th so I could not retain my rights. Screw that. My letter would have included their dismissal, in fact it would have been mentioned first. But they pull this crap all the time. Whether they use their Pittney Bowes machine or have a dishonest person at the post office do it, they do it. I need to fnish watching this later.

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